6 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Awesome

Has this ever happened to you? You create an amazing campaign with some great expectations in mind, but it doesn’t really work in your favor. Out of the many factors responsible for the fiasco, there is a possibility that your subscribers misunderstood something or perceived your subject line, copy, offer, or something or the other wrongly.     

While the relationship between an email marketer and email subscriber is a very interesting one, it’s quite delicate too. You as a marketer try every trick in the trade to lure subscribers into making a purchase through your email (sometimes going too far ☹), but subscribers are clever beings, taking their own time to come to the decision stage. One wrong step at your end or one misunderstanding through your email and they might decide against buying from you or worse, unsubscribe from your list. 

“But dude, I don’t possess the superpower of getting into the minds of my subscribers to find what they think of my email”, you’d say, but you can certainly get into their shoes to understand their perception, isn’t it?

Email Uplers list down 6 basic yet essential factors you must consider in order to make sure you see the other side of email marketing – the subscriber’s perception of your email:

  • Use a recognizable from name and address 
  • Write a crisp and clear subject line that is not at all misleading 
  • Segment your list to send targeted, relevant emails  
  • Create a personalized email copy, going beyond the first name
  • Write an actionable CTA linked to a relevant landing page
  • Send emails at a frequency of your subscriber’s choice

Email Uplers’ latest infographic- Marketer’s Expectations vs Subscriber’s Perception of an email is a light-hearted attempt to bridge the gap between email marketers and subscribers and make subscribers fall in love with your emails.

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