Will the Real Logo Please Stand Out? Lessons Learned from Iconic Rebranding

Few still relate the concept of branding in business with the idea of branding a herd of cattle, but the basic idea remains the same. The need is to create an indelible mark that distinguishes your product in the marketplace. It should stand for a certain set of standards that people come to expect. Today, branding is more than a permanent mark, it amounts to a promise to customers that something they trust will retain the same quality they have come to expect.

But what about when a brand loses its freshness and wants an update? Rebranding, in the past, has been wonderful for reinvigorating companies, ​but losing too much​ of the brand’s original flavor can cause customers to reconsider or forget their allegiances. In ​this study​, over 8,000 people were set up with the logos of iconic food brands to see if they could identify the correct logo when it sat amongst a field of imposters.

The redesigned versions featured changes in color, font, and design. The purpose of the research was to examine which elements of the logos people responded to specifically. If it was a certain color, font, or design detail that stood out over another, then perhaps it would be appropriate to retain one element while altering another, that was not as crucial to the collective memory of consumers. The study is an excellent way to identify just what parts of a logo people cling to and what you can still manipulate in a design without confusing customers.

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