6 Marketing Trends To Watch in 2018

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In order to prosper in a market, a brand needs to follow the recent trends which are prevailing in the market. The marketing trends play a very vital role because these trends influence and attract audiences who later become the consumers.

Companies need to be dynamic in terms of marketing trends. It allows the company to understand the choices and the preferences of the consumers which tend to change according to the changing technology. A strong and well-developed strategy is very important to keep in with the expectations of the consumers.

 Here are the basic key points which need to be ticked in while making the marketing strategy for your brand:

  • Video Marketing: Video Marketing is growing because the majority of the consumers say that they prefer video over text. Video brings up a more compelling impact on the consumers which tends to improve the sales of the product or service. Videos are considered the best way to bring you into the market because producing good quality videos will bring in better prospects and more customers.
  • Chat bots marketing: Chat bots are basically tools used in order to engage customers, solve basic customer service issues, answer general questions and even for closing business. These chat bots are a preferred option according to the marketing trend of 2018 because they are fast, automated and thus customers do not have to wait for the responses.
  • Story-telling Marketing:In order to prosper better, brands are comi8ng up with crafty and catchy stories into their strategy of digital marketing. These stories actually engage the customer because they are interesting as a result bring up more leads.
  • Social Adverting Cost Marketing:Social Media plays a vital role in today’s’ world. Companies should opt for advertising on social media because these days compared to mass media, social media is more active among the youth as well as the adults. 
  • User-Generated content Marketing:The feedbacks and ratings of the consumers are taken up by several companies to fathom the choices and preference of the consumers. Several brands are opting for User Generated content marketing to increase their sales. Companies should add up the column of testimonials and reviews to their website to yearn for better results in the field of marketing.
  • Interactive Content Marketing: Simple text bogs no more brings in good traffic for the company. Opting for Interactive Content Marketing is a wise choice because these interactive sessions include interactive forms of quizzes, polls, and videos related to the company which actually engages the consumer.

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