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What Does the US Government Know About You?

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The U.S government is the custodian of what is widely considered to be one of the largest and most sophisticated spying and surveillance programs in the world and collects data on an industrial scale, but very few of us know what level of personal and sensitive information has been collated by the various official bodies against our name and how it might be used.

It is very difficult to get a full picture of how much the various government agencies know about you especially when private contractors are often used to gather information too, but the resource created by should give you a better idea about how much of your online data has fallen into official hands.

Everyone has to fill in a certain amount of forms in order to comply with federal laws so that your tax affairs are up to date and other data like medical records also serve a valid purpose, but the grey areas are things like social media sites like Facebook and what they share with others.

It is well worth taking the time to read about how the various agencies gather data and what level of privacy protection you actually have, especially when most of us would rather not share personal insights about us online unless they are considered absolutely necessary.

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