How to Use Personalization to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing

Amplifying Your Email Marketing With Personalization

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Personalization is one of the most effective tactics to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing. 50% of marketing influencers use message personalization and they’ve reported that it’s the most effective email marketing strategy. In fact, with personalization, 82% of marketers have seen an improvement in their email open rates.

3 Ways to Use Personalization in Email Marketing

1. Cart Abandonment Emails – You can offer a discount coupon to prospects who have added products to their carts but haven’t completed their purchases. This can encourage them to make the purchase.

2. Emails Based on Browsing History – Take advantage of your prospects’ browsing history and send them personalized emails based on their interests. This can make them feel special and motivate them to make a purchase.

3. Emails Based on Past Purchases – You can also leverage the past purchase records of your customers and send them tailored product recommendations. These product recommendation emails should be based on their preferences which will encourage them to make a purchase.

For more information on personalization of emails, you can check out the following infographic by Post Funnel.

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