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Cannabis Marketing Strategies: From Land-Based to Online

How do you stand out from a crowd of medical cannabis businesses?  With so many startups and established businesses to compete with, you need focused and strategic cannabis marketing techniques for better results.  

Worry not because you can cut through the noise using simple and effective marketing strategies for cannabis businesses. 

Refer to the following for 5 proven techniques to stand out and reach more customers.

Organic SEO

Don’t skip organic SEO as an effective marketing tool for your business.  While organic search is often pushed to the back due to paid ad and paid search results, it is still one of the best ways to put your business out there and improve your results. 

Focus on optimizing your site for organic search results. For one, you should always keep your content relevant to your audience. 

More so, use other rock-solid SEO techniques even if it takes time to be really good at it.  If required, you can seek help from SEO services with specialization on cannabis brands.  

They can help you reach more customers online with an optimized website that has relevant and updated content and responsiveness, among other features that make a good site.

Advertising on Niche-Specific Websites

Finding a sympathetic platform is another way to reach out to more customers by placing ads on those sites.  As you already know, many giant websites, including Google, still do not allow marijuana advertising. 

For this reason, you should find marijuana-business-friendly platforms to welcome your products. You can start out on the right foot with these platforms that allow and encourage cannabis-related ads.

Alternatively, you can use local ad networks for your CBD and marijuana products without help from Facebook or Google.  There are digital ad platforms where you can publish and display your ads, as a part of your marketing strategy. 

You can find a platform that displays an ad network for a specific audience like those interested in cannabis, yoga and music.  

These 420-friendly platforms can offer native advertising and display advertising for marijuana products or medical marijuana doctors. Some examples of websites allowing for cannabis advertising include The Cannabist and Leafly.

Email Marketing

You should also learn how to leverage email campaigns, another top way to increase awareness about, and reach for, your brand.   You can use a campaign for spreading quality information.  So, in addition to a monthly newsletter, you can also use targeted email campaigns to market your business.

Remember to develop a landing pages that matches the offers presented in the email. In addition, you must create different opportunities for more people to subscribe, send content and group offers relating to their interests, and organize current contacts. In every email, you should also include a call-to-action as well as remember to track everything. 

Native Influencers

You can also connect to your community and sell your products like dry herb vaporizers using native influencers. 

How can this help? Influencer-generated content can uncover places where your customers are most engaged.  In this case, your brand will not only just nurture a customer relationship but also build brand awareness.

Why work with influencers? Social media influencers, for instance, are able to develop their followings for particular market segments.  

They can promote your brand to consumers without you depending on restricted tools and sites like Google and Facebook.  You can work with influencers to increase awareness for your brand and reach out to your consumers.

These influencers can help in cannabis marketing because they can fill the gap for the cannabis space struggling to find a place in digital advertising.

Local Directories

In addition to the above strategies, don’t miss local (and online) marijuana directories in marketing your cannabis business.  

You should ensure that your business is listed and optimized properly on these directories.  It should also be ready and optimized for niche-specific directories where your target customers can find your cannabis brand. 

Using directories, you’ll increase your website’s visibility online especially among users very particular about cannabis they consume. Moreover, using local directories as a part of marijuana marketing will help improve consumer awareness about your brand.  

In the process, you will also be able to improve reputation and enhance customer trust.  But, make sure you’re using quality directories that are trustworthy for consumers.

Many of these directories also publish customer reviews that can further your brand’s reputation. They will also help in convincing customers to opt for your brand and buy your products/services instead of from competitors.  A few directories to list your site on include Weedmaps and Leafly.

There you have the most proven cannabis marketing strategies, including email campaigns, local directories, organic search and native influencers, to promote your business, increase brand awareness and reach out to consumers.  Include them in your marketing plan today!

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Olivia Davis is an enthusiastic, creative author and the Communications Assistant at Dr.Green Relief - Medical Marijuana Doctors. Our mission is to aid patients with qualifying conditions to get their MMJ Card so they can use, possess and cultivate medical marijuana legally.