Running a Brick and Click Business

Brick and mortar vs. eCommerce — it’s a debate that seems to have no end. Brick and mortar people will argue the merits of having an in-person presence, while eCommerce fans will tout their global reach and lower cost of operation. What if there was a way to have the best of both worlds?

Enter brick and click businesses. 

What are Brick and Click Businesses? 

Brick and click, also known as click and mortar, are businesses that utilize a physical location while also establishing a strong online shop and presence. 

A true brick and click business goes beyond simply having a storefront and online shop, by taking an omnichannel approach that seamlessly blends their retail and online experiences. This means having a consistent brand online and off, giving customers an easy journey from shopping cart to purchase, and using in-depth analytics to ensure eCommerce and retail operations are as streamlined and effective as possible.

Becoming a Brick and Click Business

Whether you’re currently brick and mortar or strictly eCommerce, becoming a brick and click business is possible. Even better, the path to becoming a brick and click involves both sides so heavily that the journey should be pretty straightforward whether you’re starting on or offline. 

To make your transition to brick and click as easy as possible, Fundera has created this helpful visual that will give you a breakdown on brick and click, as well as best practices!

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