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6 Highly Useful Social Media Plugins for Your WordPress Sites

Are you searching for the best social media plugin for your WordPress site to bag more social traffic and followers? 

If you look closely, you will find one thing that is common in most of WordPress sites. They all have social media buttons to make things easier for visitors to share content and follow social media accounts. 

It’s a win-win for both you and your visitors. There are lots of social media plugins to choose from. So, the inevitable question that arises here is -how do you choose the right plugin for your social media site? 

That’s what this article aims to help you with. We have selected the six best and result-oriented social media plugins for your website:

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress:

This is a comprehensive tool that can do pretty much everything for your WordPress website Social Media engagement activities. When it comes to getting all the bells and whistles of Social Media buttons under a single umbrella, nothing could be a better option than this tool. 

Button Placement Options: 

This tool allows you to choose from 30 different default display positions that include –

  • Above/below the content 
  • Floating icons that you can place either above, below the content or sides. 
  • Top or bottom bars
  • Post sharing option 
  • On media 
  • As a pop-up
  • And many other placement options. 

Cost: only $20.


If you love the way Mashable uses their stylish social media buttons, then using MashShare is the best choice for you. 

MashShare is not all about stylish buttons. It offers lots of other things apart from that. This plugin is currently active on over 80,000 websites. 

Options for button placement: Above/below the content 

You can add buttons manually with PHP or HTML tags, 

You can also get more exclusive placement options like sidebar and sticky share bar with the premium add-on. 

The Key Features of MashShare: 

  • Share counts: it displays overall share counts like Mashable
  • HTTP: it recovers the share counts of HTTP. 
  • Fake Share Count
  • Allows users to share a specific part of the content 
  • Pageviews 

Price: free for WordPress.org and Paid add-ons are ~€19.95 each.


Monarch is a premium social share button plugin. Buying Monarch can be a costly affair. If you are interested in Elegant Theme’s other tools like Divi builder, Divi theme or Bloom opt-in, you can get excellent value from the paid membership of Elegant Theme. 

Placement Options for the Buttons: 

  • Floating option 
  • Above or below content 
  • On media 
  • Automatic pop-up 
  • Automatic side-in 
  • Shortcode 

Sassy Social Share:

Sassy Social Share is a very easy to use social sharing plugin for WordPress sites and comes with support for social media sites. It allows you to add buttons in post content and the sticky social menu also. 

This tool also keeps tab on the number of social shares. When it comes to choosing the icon style, Sassy Social Share comes with three shapes – square, rectangle, and round. 


AddtoAny is a very popular social sharing plugin for WordPress. It supports a large number of social media platforms. It offers you standard and floating sharing bar and universal social sharing options. 

It can show social sharing counts and allows you to integrate Google Analytics.

Final Thoughts

All the tools mentioned above offer unique features and styling options, so it is not possible to select one plugin as the best one. Based on the styling and placement requirements of your WordPress site, you should pick the ideal one for you.

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