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6 Plugins That Will Make Running Your CBD Gummies Business Easier

If you have gotten to the point of looking for plugins for your CBD gummies business website, congratulations! Many people do not make it this far into their venture before getting frustrated and giving up because things are too complicated. 

Once aspiring entrepreneurs learn that you can get started with very little upfront money, and that CBD products sell themselves, then they start dreaming of bathing in hundred dollar bills and spending the rest of their days on the beach. What most of the articles you read about starting your own CBD gummies company don’t tell you, is that when you do not invest cash, you invest time and hard work. 

The process of navigating the legal landscape in a country with ambiguous federal laws, local laws as varying as a Ben and Jerry’s menu, and platform-specific rules that constantly change, can be a real downer if you are trying to sprint right out of the gate. But when you plan to run the marathon, your time investment will be well spent.

Building Your Website

Your website actually has two sides, and you need to pay close attention to both in order to stand out among the competition. Your store is where people will browse your CBD products, read product descriptions, make their selections, and pay. Your blog is most likely how people will find your business and learn more about CBD. Each part of your website will require its own set of plugins that are specific to making the functions of that portion run more smoothly.

eCommerce Store

The three main ecommerce stores that allow CBD sales are Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. BigCommerce and Shopify are straightforward, standalone platforms that make use of apps, not plugins, to make your site more functional. They are designed with retail in mind, and are a great solution for people who just want something they can get up and running as quickly as possible. They are not great, however, for SEO, which is the foundation of your marketing strategy as a purveyor of CBD.

WooCommerce is a platform that integrates with WordPress for a powerful and highly functional combination that offers more customization than the other two platforms. Unlike with Shopify and BigCommerce, you need to use a greater number of add-ons (plugins) to make it more functional, but its conductivity to SEO is why 28 percent of all ecommerce sites prefer to use the platform. 

1. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

The HubSpot WordPress plugin is one tool that will help you build a relationship with the people who visit your site. It offers powerful CRM tools that track your customers’ page visits and length of time spent on each page, then sends the data to you in an easy-to-read format so you can make the most of the information. It also offers live chat boxes and you can use it to create pop up forms that conveniently gather information like email addresses and more.

2. Optimole

People leave websites without even looking at them if they take too long to load. Optimole optimizes the size of your site’s images so that they load faster no matter what device page visitors are on or the speed of their connection. This way, you can add beautiful images of all your products without sacrificing loading speed or picture quality.

3. Proof

Ever get on Expedia looking for a hotel room only to find out that 384 other people are also looking for a hotel room on the same date? Or get on your favorite cosmetics site to find out that Jenny O. from Madison, Wisconsin just bought the lotion you were looking at? This plugin will do the same for your CBD gummies, letting all your visitors know just how popular your tasty CBD gummies really are.


Your blog is just as important as your ecommerce shop because it is most likely how your customers will find you. It is instrumental to your SEO strategy, and you need to build a well-functioning, useful blog in order to get traffic to your site and drive sales.

4. HotJar

This plugin is going to be invaluable when learning how to create the content that will get your website visitors to convert from browsing to a sale. It will analyze exactly how they are interacting with your content and present the results in an understandable format so you can adjust your strategy and get results.

5. Yoast

Yoast is one of the most popular SEO tools available. The plugin analyzes all of your content, including your homepage, product descriptions, and blog posts for search engine optimization as you create. Get help coming up with keywords, then find out how your SEO and readability add up as you go.

6. Age Gate

Having a business in the cannabis industry, you need a gatekeeping plugin to prevent minors from browsing your site and making purchases. This plugin will help you make sure your website is in compliance with laws restricting marketing to people under the age of 18.

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