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EBooks are a great way to learn more about specific topics of interest to you. In the coming weeks, we will be adding many more free titles by noted authors and professionals. All of the publications are Windows compatible but some do require Internet Explorer for viewing. We hope you enjoy the selections provided below. Check back often for new additions

Graphics Made Easy (1.5 Mb) by Ebook General Store
Learn to create header, order button, etc. graphics for inclusion on ebook & software covers and, for general use, with this brandable eBook. Once branded, you can earn 60% affiliate sales when someone downloads the free ebook from your site and decides to buy an additional program. The free .zip download includes an unbranded ebook and start up mini site.
Download Here

eBooks: A Complete Guide to Self Publishing (1.03Mb) by Shelley Lowery
A Complete Guide to Self Publishing was written to assist you in not only creating your own eBook, but also to show you how simple it really is to make money on the Internet. The best part of all is that you can design your own eBook, accept credit cards, set up an affiliate program and start making money online very inexpensively.
Download Here

Multiply Yourself: eBook Marketing Explained (408Kb) by Chayden A. Bates
Create and offer an informative, content-rich eBook full of solid ideas, tools, and/or resources that helps to fully explain the how’s, what’s and why’s of you, your business and it offerings or services.
Download Here

The eBook Writer's Market Directory (347Kb) by Steve Strahl
A directory of ebook publishers accepting author submissions.
Download Here

How to write, create, promote and sell E-books on the Internet (474Kb) by Dirk Dupon
This book -or manual if you prefer- will show you exactly how you too can write, create and sell an E-book on the Web in 4 chapters. I wrote this book from my own experience as an E-book author and publisher, and I'm 100% confident that once you have read it, you'll be able to launch your own profitable E-book on the Web. Note: Requires free registration prior to download.
Download Here

How to Create Midi-eBooks (557Kb) by Dr. John Flynn
Learn how to combine MIDI Music with your ebook stories. Create an impact that will touch your reader's emotions in a way you never thought possible!
Download Here

"TrendSiters - Trends in e-Publishing and e-Books" (620Kb RTF File) by Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.
An anthology of dozens of essays about digital content, e-publishing, and e-books.
Download Here

  Ebook Publishing for Newbies (468 Kb) by The Ebook King
A guide for those starting out in Ebook creation. Covers topics such as how to lay out your ebook, information gathering, pricing considerations, proof reading, creation of instant info products, stopping theft of your ebook, etc..
Download Here

eBook Submitter (964Kb) by DAM-b Entreprises
Designed for eBook authors looking for places to sell their content. The list of eBook stores and publishers accept submissions from independent authors. Included are: submission guidelines/instructions, royalty payment rates, accepted genre, and contract preview links.
Download Here

57 Free Ebook Articles (670Kb) PDF format by Dr. Neil G. Tarvin
This ebook is a compilation of 57 ebook and publishing related articles geared to help you plan, develop and design a great looking ebook.....inside and out!
Download Here

Create an E-Book from your Website! (500Kb) by Sherry Gordon
How and why you should create an ebook from your website.
Download Here

147 Killer ePublishing Strategies (562Kb) by Larry Dotson
Increase traffic, make money, get answers to your ebook questions, and hot product ideas.
PDF File - Read Here

eBook Ideas - The Ultimate Guide to eBook Promotion (733Kb) by Tracie Johansen
eBook Ideas will give you information to help you decide what to write about, how to complile it into eBook format and where to promote, publish and distribute your eBook. Plus how to promote with articles, search engines, awards, forums and more.
Download Here

"A Simple Guide To Creating Your Own eBooks" (761Kb) by BizzyDays Publications
This e-book will show you the practical steps involved in the process of packaging information to create an e-book for; information you already have and want to sell on-line or, sellable information you want to find on-line and package into an e-book. You'll even find out how to publish original, new e-books without writing a word of your own!
Download Here

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