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EBooks are a great way to learn more about specific topics of interest to you. All of the publications below are Windows compatible but some do require Internet Explorer for viewing. We hope you enjoy the selections provided below. Check back often for new additions.

Make Your Site Sticky (548Kb) by Dianne Reuby
What is a sticky site? Why does my site need to be sticky?If you're selling on-line, you need to turn casual surfers into repeat visitors, and then into customers. Find out how to tweak your design and content to make it more sticky.
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Perl Coders: Site Automation CGI Specialists (624Kb) by PC Group Resource Network
This tutorial will walk you thru setting up most CGI scripts from start to finish. There is also a TroubleShooting manual at the back of the book to help with errors you may get after installing your script.
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The Complete HTML Teacher (1.01Mb) by K. William Resources
Learn to build you business website or personal home page!
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The Missing Piece: Internet Design & Marketing Resouerce (438K) by Corie Conwell
Over 100 free programs, scripts and services to assist you in making the most of your website and increase your bottom line.
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Webmaster's Hit Kit (438Kb) by Success Publications and Expert's Choice, Inc.
Three things determine success on the internet: 1) getting qualified hits, 2) supplying your prospects with something of value, and 3) nurturing a relationship with each and every visitor to your site. This book is dedicated to explaining that approach in detail.
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Web Resources' Tutorials Package (2.65Mb) by Raphael Pirker
So, you want to be a WebMaster? Well, then get to work! Over 180 pages of learning material, just waiting to get read!
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Kick Start Tutorial XML (80Kb PDF file) by Spider Pro
You won't be an XML expert after following this kickstart tutorial, but you'll understand the basics of XML and be able to understand XML documents and most of XML's DTS's. This ebook is in PDF format.
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The Magical World of Basic HTML (394Kb) by Larry Poch
Want to build a web page or complete web site?
Basic HTML is designed for those wanting to learn the basics of HTML. Written in easy to understand terms this book will help you build a web page or site in no time flat. Everything you will need in one ready reference location, downloaded to your computer. It covers HTML page format, basic HTML tags, fonts, graphics, links, basic table coding,and lists. Examples of the all the tags and attributes, as well as how to combine them, displayed in each section. Tips on how different browsers read and render tags where ever applicable.
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100 Do's & Don't in Web Design (101Kb) by SpiderPro
PDF File
100 tips to follow when designing web sites.
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Business Web (603Kb) by Steve MacLellan
The information within this book should help you gain a much better insight to building a web site. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a designer, the concepts presented here are all ones you will need to be familiar with. It is sincerly intended that this information will be beneficial to you as it has been compounded by experience.
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Web Site Design Course (1126Kb) by Linda Anderson
Designing websites can be very rewarding. It is definitely something you can learn without the need for a vast amount of computer experience or education.
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Website Traffic Demolition (383Kb PDF file) by Jonathan Harbaugh
A humorous FREE ebook telling you how to keep people away from your website. A well designed website is one of the most important keys in having a website at all. You may be scaring away traffic, and the odds are, they will never return.
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  Web Development – Just the FAQ’s (624Kb) by Dennis Williams II
“How do I become a Web Master”? This book seeks to ease the pain by providing a complete range of answers to questions commonly asked by aspiring webmasters/developers.
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Web Site Magic (384Kb) by Paul Barrs
Web Site Magic will show you how to build your web site from the ground up. First we’ll show you how to find free web hosts and free web templates that you can use to either start or enhance your own site. Then, we’ll move through many difficult areas of web site presentation, how to display your offer so that people actually read it, how to lay out your page so that your visitors are drawn into it and guided towards your offer or your ezine. You will also find out how to market your site and learn about search engines, ezines, autoresponders and more!
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The Whole World can see your Web Site - If you can get their Attention! (532Kb) by B.L. Ochman
Products and services do not need to be technology-related to be sold online. They do need to be in demand and appeal to customers who have a fairly good idea of what they want to buy. Assuming all companies providing the same category of products are price competitive, buyers are most likely to choose the one with the best information and service.
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Business Web Book (352Kb) by Steve MacLellan
The information within this book should help you gain a much better insight to building a web site. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a designer, the concepts presented here are all ones you will need to be familiar with. It is sincerly intended that this information will be beneficial to you as it has been compounded by experience. NOTE: After downloading, running this executable will bring up a simple install which will load the ebook on your hard drive.
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HTML Quick Reference (259Kb) by Bucarotechelp
Learn how to use your computer more effectively to design a web site and make money on the web using this detailed HTML quick reference and tutorial ebook.
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How to make your Web Site Profitable using ASP Solutions (259Kb PDF file) by Peter Kearney
This eBook is very concise and gives the benefits of using ASP solutions, presenting 27 ASP solution categories that form the basic building blocks of any profitable web business. Each ASP solution category is explained, giving the reader enough information to make an informed decision on whether to find out more or trial the solutions (many of them with free trial periods). No individual solution providers are mentioned in the eBook.
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Graphic Design Tutorial (380Kb) by Customwebgraphics
An eBook tutorial aimed towards those new to web design and creating web graphics. Sections on color, file formats and web design tips, including a tutorial for ULead PhotoImpact 5.0.
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MailTag Bonanza (547Kb) by Garvinweb
Enhance the MailTags on you web pages by adding parameters to assist you in your website endeavors.
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XML Strengths & Weaknesses with DOM, ASP & XSL (83Kb PDF file) by Nakul Goyal
Since the inception of XML, developers have wondered why we ned XML.... how is it better than HTML? This short e-book explains, in a very simple manner, how you can use SML is ASP and VB.
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Is Your Web Designer a Marketer ? He Should Be ! (95Kb PDF file) by Chuck Pearson
This eBook talks about the importance of having your website created by a marketing professional who understands how to sell. Learn the importance of selling a product's benefits rather than its features, effective layouts and how to have your site work for you. Contents Include:
- Inherent differences between marketers and programmers
- True purpose of your website layout
- Benefits versus features
- Minimal effort = high rewards.
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