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EBooks are a great way to learn more about specific topics of interest to you. In the coming weeks, we will be adding many more free titles by noted authors and professionals. All of the publications are Windows compatible but some do require Internet Explorer for viewing. We hope you enjoy the selections provided below. Check back often for new additions

Real Estate Secrets Exposed (591KB PDF File) by W. Troy Swezey
This ebook covers all aspects, from beginning to end, regarding purchasing a home, including tricks of the trade that most realtor's don't want you to know!
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The Timeshare Answers Guide (748KB) by Larry Hayden
The Timeshare Information Handbook for beginners to experts Secrets and tips, from the most experienced broker on the internet. The book contains tips and help for buyers & sellers, timeshare rentals & exchanges, points-based timeshares, in-depth information on premium resorts and a glossary of timeshare terms.
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  Learn to Gamble Like the Pros (987KB) by Jeff Moynihan
Las Vegas Pro exposes the secrets of increasing your odds dramatically! Learn valuable gambling tips and strategies from Las Vegas in this brand new e-book!
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The New Thought Manifesto (288KB PDF File) by David Cameron Gikandi
The purpose of this eBook is to point you to the way towards living a life that is more fullfilled; one where your desires come true, where you see through your fears and drop them, where relationships work, where wealth is abundant by design, and struggle and confusion is replaced by certainly and ease.
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