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Reader Loyalty Has Its Rewards

Our new Reader Rewards Program is our way of saying “Thank You”to our dedicated reader audience of webmasters and site owners,many of whom have been following SPN since our launch in 2001.

Each month we plan to add quality giveaways – ebooks, whitepapers,software, and product/service discounts – that we’re sure you’llfind beneficial in managing and promoting your website(

The best part? The Reader Rewards program won’t cost you a nickel. And don’t mistake “free” for “no value”. These are quality productsand services that can help you in your daily work and in making yourwebsite a success.

So, what do you need to do to start downloading this month’sgiveaways? The answer is simple – just keep doing what you’realready doing – read the SiteProNews newsletter.

For a detailed explanation of the program, read the sectionto the right entitled “How The Reader Rewards Program Works”.

The current month’s freebies are posted below:

June/July Reader Rewards

  • TrafficSeeker Lite – Points Needed 0
    A program that features automaticsubmission to 275+ search engines, a meta tag generator, ranking and link popularity checking, a keyword generator,top keywords, submission reports, etc.
  • Blogging For Success – Points Needed 1
    An 11 page ebook by that teaches everything you need to know to Blog successfully.
  • Article Syndication Instructions – Points Needed 1
    EcomBuffet’s 8 page ebook by Jennifer Horowitz that tells you how to get the best out of your articles.
  • The 7 Deadly Mistakes People Make When Submitting Press Releases – Points Needed 2
    Approximately 83% of all press releases are not as effective as they could be. This short guide covers the 7 most common mistakes made when submitting press releases online and how to avoid them.
  • Website Planning – Points Needed 2
    Learn how to plan a user-friendly, powerful website using this 18 page ebook from EcomBuffet.
  • 20 Must Have Tools – Points Needed 2
    A 45 page ebook by Donna Gunter that provides a list of the 20 must-have tools to automate an online business.
  • On-Page Optimization – Points Needed 2
    Make your site SEO Friendly by folowing the advice in this 12 page ebook from EcomBuffet.
  • Invisible Secrets – Points Needed 4
    A Windows program that includes strong file encryption to encrypt and hide data, a password management solution, and much more. See all its features at
  • SafeBit – Points Needed 4
    A windows program that provides on-the-fly disk encryption by creating encrypted virtual drives to store your files, but still use with them normally. See all its features at
  • ExactSeek Featured Listing – Points Needed 8
    Get an ExactSeek Featured Listing for one month for any keyword of your choosing. As long as you keep collecting 4 Reward Points each month the ad will stay active and automatically renew for Free.

How The Reader Rewards Program Works

As noted, each month we will be adding to the list of quality giveaways- ebooks, whitepapers, software, and product/service discounts – that willbe available for you to download.

A point value will be assigned to each of the “rewards” offered. Thepoint value will be dependent on what we determine to be the relativevalue of the giveaway. Some rewards will only have a value of one pointwhile others may be valued as high as 8 points.

To collect a given reward, you need to accumulate the necessary pointsfor that reward. You do that simply by reading the SiteProNews newsletter.You can receive a maximum of 1 point per week by reading at least 3 of the6 issues we publish weekly (includes dedicated advertiser mailings).

Once you reach the required point level for any given reward, thelink for that reward will automatically become a live download link.Until then, it will remain greyed out.

In brief, whatever your point total, you will be able to download anyreward that has an equal or lesser point value. So – if you have 4 points, you won’t qualify for a free ExactSeek ad, but you will beable to download ebooks, whitepapers and software.

IMPORTANT: To receive any points, you must ensure that you receivethe SiteProNews newsletter (white label “” when setting youre-mail or spam filter rules) and that you do not have “images” turned off inyour email program settings.

How To Determine Your Current Point Total

In most SPN mailings we will include a text link or linked Reader Rewardsgraphic which will enable you to access your Reader Rewards member page by clicking on the linkor graphic.

Your member page will display the following:

• Your current total reward points.
• The current list of monthly rewards.
• Links for redeeming rewards for which you qualify.
• News about, or changes to, the Reader Rewards Program.