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Freeware / Shareware Sites Another software resource site offering thousands of shareware and freeware apps. Numerous categories, detailed descriptions, screen shots, reviews and more.

FreeDownloadsCenter One of the most popular software archives on the net. The site has over 20,000 freeware and shareware programs available for download. Reviews provided for select apps. A library of over 20,000 free and free-to-try software programs for Windows and Unix/Linux, games and drivers arranged by category and rated for quality.

SourceForge A place to find, download, and develop free open source software. You can search for software, browse by category, create a project, post on the Project Help Wanted board and developer section, etc.

FileHungry Another shareware - freeware repository. Unlike many similiar directories, this one also carries software application titles for the Linux, MacIntosh, Win CE, and Palm platforms as well as Windows. Over 8,500 programs in 14 major categories with the usual New, Top Rated and Most Popular features. One of the oldest and best freeware /shareware directories on the Web. Has all the usual perks like new releases, most popular downloads and much more. A freeware resource site with freebies of all types and links to many other freebie sites. Enough variety to be interesting to any visitor. is a site that lives up to its name offering a wealth of free tools, templates, tutorials and more. The site is jam packed so take your time looking around. If you're looking for free stuff on the Net, is a good place to start with freebies listed in over 60 categories. A directory of freeware apps broken down by category and the usual top 10, most popular and what's new sections. Another large repository of freeware and shareware files. Nice interface and easy to navigate. Has the usual top picks, editor's choice, etc. is a shareware / freeware directory with thousands of Windows, Mac, Palm, and Pocket PC applications listed in 10 major categories and multiple sub-categories.

File Transit A software distribution site with over 10,000 high quality applications in 300+ categories. Unlike many file repositories, File Transit supports over 25 operating systems. Updated daily with sections devoted to program reviews, top downloads, new additions and top rated files.

FreewareFiles An excellent freeware resource packed with goodies. Tons of freeware in 14 major categories which include a drivers and libraries section. Worth the visit if you can ignore the popup windows. A freeware /shareware repository with app ratings and lists devoted to top downloads, featured downloads and latest app submissions. Site also provides RSS feeds. Nice look and feel. Easy to navigate.