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Graphics And Multimedia

Fotor is an easy to use online photo editing service. Crop, resize and add effects, or for the more advanced user; merge multiple exposures into and HDR image. You can also create collages and photo cards. Free - no registration required.
Premium Pixels is a collection of free design resources created by UK based Web Designer Orman Clark. Anything from icons to UI controls are provided in high quality psd files. Free account is required to download files.
Webdesigner Depot is a popular blog about web design and development. They cover news, tutorials and hot topics such as responsive design, usability, typography, freelancing and much more.
PicMonkey is a free online picture editor. You can start editing images immediately and no registration is required. Once your done editing photos, you can upload them to your social network.
Color Picker is an easy to use site that will allow you to pick colors using a palette similar to Adobe Photoshop. Colors can be output in HEX, HSB, or RGB format.
Webbanner24 is an easy to use, banner maker. You can create any size (leaderboard, banner, skyscraper, square), use fonts and clipart, apply filters and animations, save as SVG, PNG & JPG, etc.
The League of Moveable Type offers free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts. The catalog consists of 16 high quality fonts that may be used in your print material or on your website.
Photoshop Etiquette, by Dan Rose, provides info on the design process, workflow efficiency, and specifically, expert Photoshoppery. You will find Photoshop tips, tricks and resources to implement on your website.
Quozio is site that allows you to take some text such as an inspirational quote, saying, or a particularly helpful blurb from a blog post and turn it into a beautiful, pinnable image to use on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Fotobabble is a software site that allows you to setup photo- and audio-powered social marketing campaigns. You can attract audiences across mobile, web and social media sites; run contests and promotions from your Facebook pages; tell product/service stories with Talking Photos and Talking Slideshows, etc.
Snapito! allows you to take a full-length screenshot of any website to pin on Pinterest. Simply type in the website address and click on the Snap button. You can select to pin it, download it, timestamp, it, etc.
Slideshare is a community for sharing presentations. In addition to presentations, the site supports documents, PDFs, videos, and webinars. Slideshare content is easily shared on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter - with coworkers, family, and friends.
YouToo is the first social TV network that includes a website and an app. Youtoo technology allows you to interact with millions of people on national TV (through your cable provider) and your current social network, so you can share your Yootoo experience with everyone.
PicMonkey is an easy to use, feature-rich photo editing site. You can edit a photo, create a collage, draw, frame, customize, and add a background right in your browser. Touchup tools include: Teeth Whiten, Blemish Fix, etc. allows you to design better Facebook pages. You can add widgets to a page with one-click, build a Custom Contact Form, create Sweepstakes and Contests, customize your Tab Icons and Labels, etc.