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Step-by-step Introduction to HTML and creating a simple page.

HTML5Demos showcases some of the features of HTML 5 using real world examples. Demos include drag and drop XHR uploads, streaming video with canvas, a simple chat client and more. You can also find out which browsers support what feature.
HTML5 Boilerplate helps you build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites. Kick-start your project with the combined knowledge and effort of 100s of developers, all in one little package.

Advanced HTML For Beginners Is exactly that, offering HTML Tutorials for the beginner or advanced user, webmaster forums website tools, books, domains and more. One of the most comprehensive webmaster resource sites we've seen. If you need information on anything to do with HTML, XML, XSL, CSS, DTD, WAP, WML, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, VBScript, ASP, SQL, or AppML, this is the place to find it. Tutorials, charts, handy reference guides and much more.

Dave's HTML Guide An interactive HTML tutorial for beginners. A good starting point for acquiring a knowledge of the basics. The site also offers information on advanced topics, including CSS, Web Design and Javascript.

HTML Goodies Covers web page development from novice to advanced level. There are primers on HTML, javascript and PERL as well as tutorials on tables, forms, frames, images and more. For the more advanced, CSS, DHTML, XML and ASP are also covered.

Index DOT Html An advanced HTML reference guide and covers all HTML tags and attributes providing definitions, usage and examples. Very handy site.

Web Developer's Virtual Library An site that has a vast amount of information for webmasters and web developers. Find detailed information on authoring, dhtml, graphics, HTML, multimedia, programming, software, WDVL and more.

HTML Help Central A good starting point for anyone who wants to learn the basics of HTML coding. All the main HTML tags are covered in a single page. The site also offers some cool HTML tricks, free javascripts and useful discussion forums on more advanced topics.

HTML Primer Contains tutorials to help you learn the various aspects of HTML or Hyper text Markup Language. The site also offers tutorials on Javascript, meta tags, validators and more.

Quality Assurance ToolBox Quality Assurance ToolBox at the W3C Consortium offers a suite of validators that you can freely use. Includes a markup validator, css validator, xml validator, a log validator and more.

Dynamic Drive An excellent source to obtain free, original DHTML scripts and components to enhance your web site. Over 12 categories of scripts to choose from, plus online wizards, FAQ's and pointers to other great webmaster resource sites. bills itself as a complete guide to html. The site has a simple, appealing interface with a lot of good tutorial info as well as links to great online tools. A HTML tutorial site. If you're looking for a solid information on the basics of HTML, this is a good place to start. Covers all the major HTML areas and provides helpful examples of usage.