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News & RSS Resources

ClickPress A provider of free tools and websites to media professionals around the world. Also allows news submissions by non-media and provides news alerts and RSS feeds for numerous categories.

Feed43 An online service that converts html or XML documents to RSS feeds. Acts as a proxy between your news reader app and 3rd party web sites that don't support RSS. Allows you to create your own news feeds for any web site and then monitor that web site from within your news reader. Retrieves tech news headlines in real time to bring you the latest breaking stories. The site is driven by a mix of industry insiders, passionate independents, and established journalists. A popular news aggregator and an edited social networking news site that receives 2,000+ news submissions from its readership daily. Wide variety of content.

Feed Shark Feed Shark is a handy online tool that allows you to freely submit a RSS feed or blog to over 20 sources. Afterwards you may want to take a peek at the selection of articles offered on the parent site, is one of the best directories of web logs (blogs) and journal sites on the Net. Add a blog site or look through the rated blogs already listed. An award-winning daily news source delivering original content on innovation's impact on technology, science, business, and culture. Its news reporting, unique commentary, authoritative reviews and practical hands-on tutorials make it the go-to site for thoughtful and comprehensive news coverage. A popular weblog that profiles and reviews new internet products and companies. Also a great source for breaking tech news.

Drudge Report A news aggregation website. It provides links to international news sources and columnists and features occasional salacious rumors about politicians and celebrities.

AllTop Imports stories from the top news websites and blogs, including 25 sites and blogs for SEO. Place your cursor over a headline to display part of the story. Other news categories include environment, photography, science, gaming, sports, politics, etc.

The Telegraph A news aggregator providing the latest news and videos on business, finance, tech, lifestyle and culture plus content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers.

Original Signal Aggregates RSS feeds from the top SEO, tech, web 2.0, news, business and entertainment sites. Provides a quick glance on what's happening without having to use a web/ desktop RSS reader. An online community where you can find and share useful information to help you and other people make informed choices when purchasing products and services. Take a look at the Web section for site and software reviews. A trusted, unbiased news source focusing on Internet related industries such as online marketing, SEM, e-commerce, analytics, spyware, blogging, etc.

RSS Network Enables searchers to easily find topic specific RSS feeds by searching or navigating their directory.