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Digital marketing can be hard to master on your own. From SEO to PPC there are a lot of different options to help boost your online profile. Every business has different needs and to figure out the most efficient way to use your hard earned income is very important for any sized business.

We can help, with professional services and advice from Digital Marketing Experts with over 15 years of experience.

To get started you can setup a meeting to discuss your specific Digital Marketing needs and receive a FREE in-depth Competitor Analysis. This will provide you with a side-by-side comparison of your current marketing efforts and give you some great cost-effective solutions to improve your Digital Marketing.

Your Free Competitor Analysis Includes:

Internet Marketing Health ReportSEO Competitive ResearchPPC Competitive Research
This report provides the estimated organic traffic / paid traffic your top 3 competitors are receiving.

  • The total number of keywords they organically rank for on the first ten pages / break out of how many keywords they’re ranking for specifically on page 1 of Google.
  • If they’re running a Google Ad Search Campaign and how much they’re spending a month on that campaign.
This research focuses on the keywords your top 3 competitors are currently ranking for on the first ten pages. (limited to first 30,000 keywords)

  • You’ll know the position they’re ranking in for the keyword.
  • The search volume associated with the keyword.
  • The specific URL of their site that is ranking for the keyword.
  • The value of the keyword (The average CPC)
Research is done on the keywords your top 3 competitors are currently advertising on. (limited to first 30,000 keywords)

  • The position they’re bidding for on average
  • The search volume for the keywords
  • The cost per click for the keywords
  • The ad copy associated with each keyword (Title & Description)