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FEATURED ARTICLE — June 19th, 2019

Short-Form Video is the Key to Engage Gen Z’ers – Here’s How to Use it for Your Business

It seems like nobody can stop talking about Generation Z. Already, this group of teenagers to young twenty-somethings are projected to account for 40% of all consumers by the end of this year! This young group of shoppers is going to be extremely influential in the upcoming years, which is why it is so important that relevant businesses look to see how they can connect with this specific demographic. 

However, if companies had difficulty trying to connect with Millennials in the past, they will only find it more difficult with this next group of consumers. It can be super tricky to not only capture their attention, but keep them engaged long enough for a conversion. These young shoppers are notoriously skeptical and don’t usually trust businesses or products easily.

Businesses and marketing teams will have to find ways to engage with Gen Z by figuring out how to utilize the mediums they are most comfortable with or spend most of their time on. Since this generation grew up with technology, they are by far the most comfortable with it and the most eager to adopt new and changing trends. 

Perhaps the most powerful weapon in this battle is video marketing. According to one study, the average Gen Z consumer watches 68 videos per day, and 71% stated their preferred form of entertainment consumption is streaming videos, particularly short-form. Because this generation has grown up with instant gratification and are used to shorter videos from sources like Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram stories, they are more likely to stay interested and finish a small clip.

Here are several ways you can create the kind of short-form video content that will capture the attention and interest of this generation. 

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