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FEATURED ARTICLE — March 3rd, 2021

9 Sure-fire Facebook Advertising Tips for Better ROI

While Facebook may not exactly be the flavour of the season among netizens, that opinion hardly seems to have a dent on its ad revenues. According to Business Insider, Facebook’s ad revenue will continue to grow 4.9% this year to $31.43 billion. 93% of marketers continue to use Facebook advertising as one of their mainstays, and there are good reasons why. Despite increasing user frustrations and privacy concerns, Facebook’s gigantic user base that reached nearly 3 billion in 2020 continues to hold it in good stead. According to recent data, more than 350 million photos and 55 million status updates are posted daily on the platform, which also boasts of more than 60 million active business pages. There is good reason for advertisers to stick to the known and the trusted – a worthy adversary of equal clout and weightage (that still serves the same basic user needs that Facebook continues to serve) – is yet to emerge.

9 Facebook Advertising Tips to Get Better Returns on Ad Spend

Make ads feel organic – According to recent research, 55% of marketers say that content creation is their most important inbound marketing priority. I will leave it up to you to imagine how many brands are trying to do just that and pushing at least a portion of that content through advertisements and sponsored content. Suffice to say that users are beyond jaded when it comes to advertisements. Before they swear off your feed, use your creative skills to make your ads drive value – promoting your brand is fine, but there is no point to repeating the name unless the ads manage to actually engage – entertain/ inform/ distract in a span of seconds.Use your creative skills in video – There are more than 8 billion video views on Facebook daily. The video format has become the... Read More

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