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The Champion’s Guide for Starting a News Blog: Everything You Need To Know

Starting a news blog can be a very lucrative opportunity to create a stable stream of income while helping the world share important information at the same time. 

If you love writing and helping others, a news blog can be just for you. In this article, we’ll look at 10 steps to start a successful news blog.

1. Discover Your Niche

A news blog can be niche-based or general – giving information on all sorts of stuff. I highly suggest picking your niche, especially if this is your first news blog.

This is because general news blogs are extremely difficult to make successful. The competition is high, and you’ll be in the ring fighting against the biggest news blogs like New York Times or BBC News.

So before you start your blog, think about what you’re passionate about – your niche. Then, right after you have that, it’s time to define your target audience.

For that, we’ll be using the Make My Persona tool from HubSpot.

It’s an easy, 7-step process where you’ll need to fill in all important details about your ideal customers.

After you’re done, you’ll get the ideal persona profile generated for you automatically. It will look similar to the one below.

Source: HubSpot

If you can’t fill in all the details because you don’t know them, you should conduct deep research about your target audience.

I suggest looking on forums like Quora or checking social media groups.

Don’t skip this step. It’s one of the most important ones. If you can’t make your content tailored to your audience, you will only frustrate readers and fall short.

Source: Business2Community

Prevent that by picking the right niche and learning more about your target audience.

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