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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 21st, 2019

10 Channels to Target B2C Audiences on Social Media

Social media has not only been an avenue to communicate with family and friends across distances, but with the increasing number of social media users around the globe, it has also become an ideal place for marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to reach out to their target audiences and increase brand awareness, engage, and generate leads. Moreover, business to consumer (B2C) advertising relies heavily on visual content and is geared towards being shareable and engaging to consumers. Thus, social media channels are the best avenues for the fast distribution of creative visual content and advertisement.

What is social media advertising? It is a type of online advertising focused on users of social networking sites. Using social media channels with the help of social media marketing tools advertisers can target and distribute their ads appropriately. Social media channels or platforms help you target specific audiences. You can create a target group profile based on gender, age, location, interests, and other demographic information of your target market. Your advertisements will then be distributed to different users that fit the target group profile you made. 

Different social media channels offer various advertising options. When choosing which social network channels or platforms to use for your business’s social media advertising, choose those that perform well organically, are most popular to your target audience, and are worth your time and money.

Here is a social media channels list you can browse when selecting a platform for your social media advertising:


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