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FEATURED ARTICLE — October 23rd, 2020

Take Your Content from Good to Great with These 4 Tips You Can Implement Right Away

Everybody writes. The amount of content produced every day is mind-boggling. There are more than 4.4 million blog posts published every single day. And that’s not counting news articles or content produced by huge media outlets that don’t fall into the “news” category: opinion pieces and op-eds, for instance.

We write this much because content is consumed. But not all of it. Some blog posts have 1-2 readers, while others hit a few thousand within a few hours after their publication date. 

What makes the difference? Is it the reach of their writers or that of the outlets that publish them? Yes, that’s an important factor. But there’s another one we keep forgetting: the quality of the content.

You see, most of the content is good. Passable. 

That type of content doesn’t perform well, though. Not with readers and not with search engines. And it definitely doesn’t pad your company’s bottom line.

As someone who hires top SEO content writers regularly, I can spot meh content a million miles away. It’s not something we’d ever publish or send to our clients.

In order to produce great content that attracts and converts (both for the two agencies I run and for the clients we serve), my team and I have a few rules that we never break.

Here they are:

1. Make Sure Your Content Is Factually True and Accurate

There’s so much misinformation online that accurate content has become a rare gem. I get it. It’s comfortable to write whatever crosses your mind and never bother to double-check or fact-check your claims. 

See, for a fast-typing writer like myself, this entire piece could take less than half an hour to write. I could churn out a dozen of them in a full work day.

But add researching,... Read More

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