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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 22nd, 2019

Video Marketing as a Key to More Engagement

From YouTube, Facebook, & SnapChat to Vimeo, there’s no doubt that videos have become a staple part of our everyday lives. Not only is video marketing versatile, easy to digest, and engaging, but it can also be shared across multiple platforms. 

From this article, you will learn:

Why incorporating video into your marketing efforts is vital for your business’ goal of more engagement.

About essential tools and services that can help you create compelling video content that appeals to viewers.

How you can choose the right avenue or channel for your videos to reach your target audience.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has become a fundamental part of an overall marketing plan. Not only is it suitable for entertaining and capturing attention, but it’s also an effective tool that can lead prospects through sales funnels. According to technology corporation Cisco, 82% of all consumer traffic will be in video format by 2022. The same notion is supported by Facebook’s EMEA VC Nicola Mendelsohn who predicts that by 2021 all their content will be in video format. This is mainly the reason why more and more businesses are incorporating video into their marketing strategy in a bid to not be left behind.

Video production is becoming more cost-effective than it was before. According to HubSpot research, what matters most to the audience is the authenticity of the videos and not the quality. Viewers prefer raw and simple videos. Therefore, anyone with a high-quality 4K-enabled smartphone can record a video and viewers won’t mind. Moreover, the options available for marketers are endless. There are onboarding videos, support video calls, knowledge-based videos, customer review videos, etc. Let’s dip into some of the avenues... Read More

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