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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 22nd, 2019

9 Summer Website Design Trends for 2019

You wouldn’t still rock ‘80s style blue eyeliner, leg warmers, or parachute pants, so your website shouldn’t be sporting old trends either. Like fashion, website design trends are new and improving every year. If you’re not keeping up with the latest successful website designs, then your business isn’t seeing the success it could be. Whether you’re an expert graphic designer or not, the direction of your company relies on understanding basic design elements. This post will detail some of the latest trends you should consider, including brand-specific custom fonts, color transitions and gradients, and retro aesthetic.

1. Killer Graphics

Nothing is generic in 2019. You can personalize everything, so why shouldn’t your website be included? Stock photos are a thing of the past. With a smart phone in every person’s hand, quality photos and photography are not very hard to achieve. Use these kinds of authentic photos instead. In addition, one of the most successful trends is user generated content. Companies like Pura Vida and Daniel Wellington use images of customers using their products in everyday life. It doesn’t get any more authentic than that. 

If you want to provide users with your own authentic approach, try hand drawn images and sketches. Rapper/singer Drake went out on a limb with his design for the album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” but clearly he knew what he was doing. Since then, several businesses have used this technique – and it’s working. 

2. Playful Visuals

GIF’ing is a thing now, right? A GIF is a series of images pieced together to create a quick, looping visual. The GIF frenzy makes it clear that users thirst for entertaining visuals. The best ways to use visuals in your... Read More

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