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FEATURED ARTICLE — January 29th, 2020

SEO Changes to Expect for 2020

Expanding your company’s digital presence requires a firm understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), but this area of digital marketing is a game where the rules constantly change. Navigating the Google Search algorithm can be incredibly difficult; the only constant aspect of Google’s algorithms is that they are always changing. 

To keep your SEO strategy competitive, stay updated on the latest Search algorithm changes. 

Unfortunately, there is no real way to prepare in advance for Google algorithm changes. Business leaders must coordinate their marketing and SEO teams to rapidly respond to these changes as they occur; no one really knows what a Google algorithm change entails until Google implements the change – and even then, it’s a lot of guesswork based on response. However, industry leaders have made educated predictions of what to expect in the SEO world in 2020. Keep a close eye on announcements from Google as you take your company into the new year and remember the following predictions to stay ahead of the curve. 

Strive for User-Focused Optimization

Last year saw the release of Google’s BERT search algorithm, and SEO professionals have been trying to determine the best way to optimize for BERT since its release. Leading SEO experts suggest focusing on a user-focused approach to optimization – whatever else they understand about Google, they know it prefers positive UX above all. Modern search users have more avenues than ever before to search for and find content on the web, so it’s vital for business leaders to direct their marketing, SEO, and programming teams to ensure clean site architecture while reassessing user access points and aligning content with them.

The goal of the BERT implementation was... Read More

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