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FEATURED ARTICLE — April 23rd, 2021

SEO is a Team Sport – The Different Roles That Go into SEO

A lot of entrepreneurs, marketing companies, and businesses mistake SEO as a one-time, one-click solution to their search engine problems. That cannot be further from the truth. Even if you did read through the latest edition of SEO for Dummies, it’s still not enough. SEO or search engine optimization requires that you constantly improve, constantly adapt, and constantly optimize your content so that it performs better online. Unless you copywrite, design, edit, script, do social media, and everything else that goes into online content creation and SEO, then you’re going to need a supporting cast around you. And that is why SEO is a TEAM sport. You need to provide yourself with a fully equipped, highly skilled team that is going to help you achieve your goals. 

Once you’ve acknowledged and established that SEO is not a one-person game, then you can start working on putting together a team of professionals capable of supporting your search engine ambitions. And this article will help you do just that, by listing out what skills, or professionals, you will need to have in your team. Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we.


Copywriters are important for SEO because they are going to know the right words to use. When it comes to performing well on search engines, it’s not enough that you word your ad copy in a way that is creative and promotional. 

You will also need to target the keywords that you want your product to match. Those keywords are the words that your customers (search engine users) will type in when searching for an answer. 

A great copywriter will not only write and word the copy properly, but will know the right keywords to target, and how to target them. For instance, if you... Read More

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