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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 16th, 2019

Three Advanced SEO Tips for 2019

Organic traffic remains one of the most dependable ways to build a sustainable business. Once your website establishes credibility, Google keeps sending repeat visitors your way for years.

However, most websites struggle in keeping up with the basics of SEO. They write mediocre content and don’t build backlinks to build their authority. For this article, I’m assuming that you’re already executing the beginner SEO strategies and you’re hungry for more.

Ready to open doors to more targeted traffic and increase your revenue? Let’s begin with three advanced SEO tips that work in 2019.

1. Create content following the hub and spoke model

A common SEO tactic leveraged by many businesses is targeting long-tail keywords in their content. However, the machine learning update to its algorithm means Google now analyzes the content in terms of ‘topics’ over ‘keywords.’ It now discovers the relationships between words.

The evolution in algorithm calls for moving beyond writing one-off articles on low-competition keywords like “how to do [x] step by step.” Instead, you pick a subject to establish your business as an authority on. Then, cover it comprehensively from every possible angle.

Tactically, you will broadly cover the main subject (with high search volume) on one page that’s called the hub. Then, find between 15-20 long-tail keywords that go as spoke articles inside this hub.

For instance, James Clear has created a page for the head term – creativity. He broadly covers how to master creativity on this hub page. Then, he links to spoke articles that cover lessons from famous creators, best creativity books, creativity articles on Albert Einstein and a few prominent figures, and the like.

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