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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 27th, 2019

What We Can Learn From Super Bowl LIII’s Mistakes

The Super Bowl is America’s biggest sporting event of the year, ranking above any game of the World Series, the NBA Championships, March Madness, and all other sports broadcasts. Actually, the fact that eight of the top ten broadcasts in 2018, sporting or otherwise, were football games points to football’s utter dominance of the American TV landscape.

The Super Bowl nearly doubled the next highest non-Super Bowl-related broadcast in 2018 (and nearly tripled the next highest non-football broadcast). In fact, the post-game show was still the second-most-watched TV event of the year, outstripping the conference championship games by nearly 25%.

Viewership for 2019’s Super Bowl was down below 100 million for the first time since 2008, however, if this year is anything like the ones that came before, the Super Bowl will likely remain the top television broadcast of 2019. Ads this year cost more than ever, with a 30-second spot fetching about $5.25 million, up from about $5 million in 2018. The question remains: were they worth it?

Did Anyone Get Their Money’s Worth Out of Super Bowl Ads This Year?

Fans went into the game outraged at the league’s handling of the NFC Championship Game, resulting in the New Orleans Saints’ exclusion from the Super Bowl, followed by a practically nonexistent league response to questions concerning it. When the game itself was termed a “snooze-fest,” becoming the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever, it became clear that viewership suffered as a result.

Add to that some truly bizarre advertising and a disappointing half-time performance, and the return on investment may not have been as high as expected.

Choices Were Made

Though Super Bowl ads have become a cultural phenomenon in recent years... Read More

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