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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 10th, 2021

5 Reasons Why Everyone is Moving Their Website to WordPress

WordPress is a popular platform that powers more than one-third of the world’s websites ranging from small blogs to professional sites like Skype and Microsoft. It is among the top three most used site building packages; the other two are Joomla and Drupal. WordPress is available to download for no cost and easy to use. This holds true not only for experts but also for beginners. In recent years, many bloggers/writers have shifted their websites from other platforms to WordPress, as it often leads to a great career path. Let’s read more about their reasoning.

1. It’s Flexible

WordPress hosts professional websites, but at the same time, is also welcoming for the new blogger who may be just starting out. Unlike other top websites with less-user friendly features that make them difficult for newcomers, WordPress caters to people with no prior knowledge of coding or programming. It’s entirely free to install and ready to be used in a few minutes without any heavy technical know-how required. 

New users only need a domain name and a web hosting account to start their website. Plus, it’s one of the many excellent skills and fields to learn as a career path.

2. Offers Multiple Theme Options

WordPress extends a broad variety of free website templates and themes, which are great for just about every kind of website, from simple blogs to professional sites. These themes can be easily customized through an options panel that allows the user to change colors or backgrounds, upload logos, along with creating beautiful sliders without using any complicated code. WordPress provides the flexibility to purchase designs made by independent third-party designers from around the world.

3. Safe and Secure

Website safety and security... Read More

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