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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 5th, 2021

Custom Stamps May be Helpful When Reinforcing Authenticity

At the top of every small business owner’s list of concerns is authenticity. You’ve likely started a business to sell your one-of-a-kind creations…so, make sure your intellectual property is protected. From check fraud to counterfeit products or documentation, be proactive about authenticating your business with the right tools. 

Business validation doesn’t have to be overly complicated—it can start with a custom stamp. A custom stamp can help you create unique endorsements, identify branded items and imprint other business information on documents and goods. 

Over 40% of small businesses are victims of fraud each year. A simple stamp can help reinforce the authenticity of your brand and potentially reduce the risk of fraud. 

Here, you’ll learn:

The high cost of fraud for small businessesHow to use stamps to reinforce authenticityThe differences between custom stamp typesThe best uses for each type of stamp

1. The high cost of fraud for small business

Fraud costs small businesses millions of dollars every year. Companies in the United States lose an average of 5% of their gross revenues due to fraud. As your company grows, the value of fraud protection increases significantly. If you invest just a small amount of time and money on fraud prevention now, you’ll keep your small business safe for years to come. 

The most common types of fraud often involve money, checks, billing, or company documents, but losses can extend beyond cash value. It can take a lot of time to complete an audit, deal with charges or personnel matters related to fraud and rebuild your reputation. There are secondary costs as well, like accounting or legal fees.

In short, the effects and financial... Read More

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