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FEATURED ARTICLE — December 9th, 2019

Copywriting for Startups and Tech Companies: Dos and Don’ts

The companies in the tech industry have to play by different rules. From data cabling to SaaS, the market grows but so does the competition.

XaaS market growth via Forbes

Market growths are always accompanied by competition growth. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. When the pie is bigger, it’s also more tempting.

Competition increase in SaaS via Price Intelligently

As you can see in the images above, today’s SaaS startups have a larger market but also more competitors.

And it’s not just that.

In the tech world, things change incredibly fast. Ironically enough, their customers can keep up with the changes better. Those companies that can’t deliver what empowered customers demand, perish.

With more competition, the importance of copywriting increases too. 

Tech companies need to find new ways to appeal to their customers and to distill their messages so that they speak directly to the readers’ needs.

Conversions (the transition from website visitor to paying customer) is the most valuable currency in the world of digital marketing for tech companies.

The only way to boost conversion rates is extremely good copywriting.

No matter how much you invest in ads, if your copywriting isn’t on point you won’t get the conversions you want.

Case study time: Copywritech, my newly-launched digital marketing agency for tech companies, helped an iPaaS industry leader get 50% more leads and convert 25% more of those leads. All through copywriting and content writing. Check out the full case study to learn more about how we did it. 

Read the case study?

Then keep reading to find out our dos and don’ts for tech copywriting and our winning framework.

Tech copywriting dos... Read More

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