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FEATURED ARTICLE — April 24th, 2019

A Beginner’s Guide to Progressive Web Apps

Mobile phones and tablets are now the devices of choice for most people outside of work. Mobile devices now account for two times the user internet consumption than computers. The usage of mobile phones is projected to grow sevenfold in the coming decade.

It is now more necessary than ever for companies to offer apps that provide a good user experience. But here’s the rub: due to limited storage space on mobile devices, the average user downloads an estimated zero native apps in a month. Enter Progressive Web Apps.

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are a workaround to the problem of users not downloading native apps. All the big names and many smaller companies are utilizing this technology to drive up sales and keep consumer interest. In this text, we will explore Progressive Web Apps and how they can help any company in today’s world. 

What Is A PWA

Progressive Web Apps are mobile websites that can act like native applications. PWAs offer an approach midway between a mobile webpage and a native app. With the best of what both have to offer.

The technology and programming behind PWAs are pretty technical. Don’t worry we will keep it simple for this article. We will go over some benefits Progressive Web Apps can provide.

PWAs are built using a modern JavaScript framework that allows a mobile site to work like a native app. Users can add an icon to their device’s home screen just like a native app. When the PWA is opened, it offers many of the benefits of a traditional app. It can work offline or with a sketchy internet connection. A PWA has the look, feel and responsiveness of a native app.

Here’s a breakdown of why so many people are choosing PWAs:

Reliability. They load instantly, and they can function... Read More

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