Boost Sales from Your Online Store

Is your e-commerce site producing the results you want? If not, it may just need a bit of fine-tuning. Learn how to Boost Sales from Your Online Store with our new eBook from SiteProNews eLearning.

Use It to:

  • Review key data to find areas where you can make changes that will increase your e-commerce site’s revenue
  • Identify where your branding is inconsistent or unclear
  • Explore site design elements that can affect your conversion rate
  • Identify places for making the customer’s shopping experience easier
  • Increase revenue through cross-selling, up-selling, down-selling and repeat sales
  • Find ways to increase revenue through customer retention and excellent customer service
  • Build a personal connection with your market through social media that leads to a loyal, repeat customer base
  • Explore ways you can use email both for revenue and long-term customer value
  • Create an overall action plan from the information you have learned

Boost Sales from Your Online Store eBook Includes:

Module 1 – Have Clear and Consistent Branding
Module 2 – Make it Easy for Your Customers to Shop from You
Module 3 – Ways to Increase Your Customer Conversions
Module 4 – Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, and Down-Sell
Module 5 – Be the Best at Customer Service
Module 6 – Use Social Media for Connection and Conversion
Module 7 – Email – Your Biggest E-Commerce Success Factor
Conclusion and Next Steps

Additional Bonus Material Includes:

  • Action Guide (20 pages)
  • Cheat Sheet (20 pages)
  • 10 Best Practices for E-Commerce Success Infographic
  • 10 E-Commerce Mistakes to Avoid Infographic


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