The Complete Guide to SEO

Simple Strategies to Get a Top Rank in Google

SEO is a valuable tool for businesses of ALL sizes (including yours) and anybody can learn how to do it.
Search Engine Optimization is all about making your website more attractive to search engines and searchers.
If done properly, searchers find what they’re looking for and you find high-quality prospects for your product or service.

Why Is a Good Rank on Google Important?

Google is where 90% of web searches take place and 90% of people limit their search to the first page of search results.
Simply put, if you’re not on the first page of Google, customers won’t find you.

So, what does it take to get to Google’s first page?

You need to get on Google’s radar with SEO.
SEO doesn’t have to be complicated.
It’s a matter of learning a few simple strategies and applying them consistently.
Do this, and you’ll drive more traffic to your site and get dramatic results.

That’s why we have created The Complete Guide to SEO – so you can start applying simple, easy-to-use strategies to improve your website’s SEO and help you get your website a top rank in Google.

We’ll show you:

  • Why you need an SEO strategy and how it will help you achieve your business goals
  • How to develop an SEO strategy that will get your website results
  • The key metrics to track the effectiveness of your SEO strategy so you can improve and adapt as necessary
  • How to use long-tail keywords effectively to increase traffic and attract qualified leads
  • How to implement powerful SEO-friendly guidelines so that you create valuable optimized content
  • The best SEO plugins and tools to help you improve content and get the attention of search engines
  • How to perform a site audit to see where you need to restructure your website so search engines can easily crawl, index, and rank it
  • How to develop an effective backlink strategy that will boost your website’s authority in search engines

You’ll have all the tools and skills to start getting results right away. By applying these simple strategies, you’ll drive more traffic to your site and generate sales.

The Complete Guide to SEO eBook Includes:

Module 1 – SEO Strategy
  Lesson 1: Set SMART Goals for Your SEO
  Lesson 2: Choose Metrics to Track
Module 2 – What Do You Want to Rank For?
  Lesson 1: Who Do You Want to Attract?
  Lesson 2: Learn How to Use Keywords Effectively
  Lesson 3: Brainstorm Seed Keywords Related to Your Business
  Lesson 4: Get Focused – Narrow Down Your Keywords
Module 3 – Create Content to Support Your SEO Strategy
  Lesson 1: Create Your Content Strategy
  Lesson 2: How to Create Content That Will Rank
Module 4 – Optimize Behind-the-Scenes
  Lesson 1: Choose Your SEO Plugin/Tool
  Lesson 2: Structure Your Pages – On-Page SEO
  Lesson 3: Structure Your Website – Technical SEO
Module 5 – Backlinks
Module 6 – Review and Refine

Additional Bonus Material Includes:

  • Action Guide (58 pages, to use alongside the eBook)
  • eBook Cheat Sheet (25 pages)
  • Keyword Planner Spreadsheet
  • Course Roadmap Infographic
  • Course Overiew Infographic

Start implementing powerful SEO strategies and grow your business today.

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