Headlines From Day 2 of CES 2018

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A Match Made in Heaven – Smart Speakers and Streaming Music Consumption

According to the latest Streaming Music Report from Futuresource Consulting, streaming music subscription uptake continues to exceed expectations, helping fuel continued strong growth in the overall recorded music market. An estimated 50 million+ new streaming subscribers in 2017 pushed the sector to over 175 million total subscribers. Such is the level of growth of these services, they accounted for approximately 50% of the total global music market in 2017 Read More.

Wireless Speakers Command 75% of Home Audio Shipments, Smart Speakers Driving Growth

Wireless speakers accounted for three in every four shipments across the entire home audio hardware category in 2017, according to global end-of-year estimates released by Futuresource Consulting.

“Wireless speakers have become a dominant force in home audio hardware, with shipments increasing more than 30% in 2017, boosting the performance of the wider category beyond industry expectations,” says Simon Bryant, Director of Research at Futuresource Consulting Read More.

Virtual Reality Evolution Continues but Expectations Re-Assessed

09 Jan 2018 – At the beginning of 2017, VR (Virtual Reality) was course to enjoy widespread adoption. However, during the year device sales fell short of expectations, according to the latest findings from Futuresource Consulting’s latest VR quarterly tracker Read More.

Amazon Bucks the Trend of Netflix Video Leadership

According to the latest Video Insights Report from Futuresource Consulting, the German digital entertainment market is at a pivotal point for rapid transformation, with significant unrealised potential in the sector.

The time is certainly ripe for further digital transformation of the video entertainment market. A disappointing 2017 for the traditionally robust packaged video sector has been partly offset by strong transactional digital video growth. Futuresource forecasts that the total video consumer spend will reach almost €8.5 billion in total in 2017, meaning it has expanded by over €1 billion in 4 years. A thriving digital video sector and rebounding box office have been key to 2017’s positive performance MORE.

Wi-Fi Set to Dominate Smart Laundry and Refrigeration Appliances

03 Jan 2018 – Connected refrigerators and washing machines more than doubled in sales in 2017 and are on course to represent more than half of the global market by 2021, according to Futuresource Consulting’s latest Worldwide Home Appliance Market report Read More.

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