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To VPN or Not to VPN: Are Online Businesses Safe Enough?

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You’ve been planning on this product launch for quite a long time. It’s expected to catapult your online business to well-deserved stardom, giving you significant hegemony in that particular niche. A titillating anticipation is in the air!

Have you strategized enough? Indeed.

Have you calculated the probable consumer reaction curves? Of course.

Most of all, are you confident about the unique value and originality of your product? Definitely.

Nothing can hold you back now.

And look where you started from. Such humble beginnings! It is remarkable how you, with the help of others, have taken this product from infancy to such admirable heights. When you first dipped your feet into the vast ocean of e-commerce, there was a massive possibility of you being obliterated by the huge waves of other wildly popular, longstanding products. But you stood your ground, and kept moving. Slowly and steadily, you gathered enough momentum to become a huge online business wave yourself.

Just one step is left between you and the gold-colored, success horizon: your product launch.

However, there’s an immediate cause for alarm, threatening to topple you over.

What you had been preparing to launch tomorrow is replicated and produced by your greatest rival, just the night before. You’re stunned to see YOUR creation selling like wildfire with the tag of your rival brand.

Now, it’s out there – your wonderful idea, swept away from your grasp because you had not considered or undertaken ONE highly important measure: setting up a virtual private network (VPN).

Could it have saved your future prospects? Or, to flip the coin, could your online business have survived without it?

Should one go for a VPN or not? Let’s find out.


Suppose you go to a region where the cold temperature drops many degrees below zero. Do you dare step out naked in the bone-chilling winds? No. You’d think of it as mere foolishness, wouldn’t you? The same goes for the unfathomable and unpredictable plane of the internet. You shouldn’t venture out exposed in any way. Malevolent entities are out there, eagerly searching for any unprotected slot. If they happen to find one, they will undeniably pounce and take advantage of you, without you even knowing it. This is how your rival company got hold of your idea, by surreptitiously eyeing your e-activity.

A virtual private network provides just enough amount of protective covering, encrypting all of your online business transactions and vital communications from prying eyes. With a VPN, no one will be able to hack into or release any dirty malware to your e-accounts. It’s a sure security measure which you should not miss out on.


Imagine the internet as a dangerous ocean, with an unmeasurable depth. You need to get across it. How do you do it? With a boat, of course. This boat, which takes you over the waves, is your IP address. If someone else takes control of this boat, then you’re absolutely done for. So it is crucial that you protect your little boat at any cost, so that you’re able to safely cross the ocean.

Putting the analogy aside, whenever you access the internet over public networks (think coffee shops, hotels, airports), you’re putting your whole e-business at risk, because your ISP and other interested entities can see and sinisterly maneuver your IP address. However, a virtual private network can definitely lend you that desired veil of anonymity. By turning it on, you can freely roam the internet with a masked IP, and no one will be able to tell what you’re doing or see your private data.


Sometimes, you get stuck at one point, and need different research to inspire you. But that valuable piece of information has been blocked by third parties, and you’re unable to access it online. How do you bypass the ban?

In another instance, you’re compelled to travel to a distant country in order to plant the seed of your e-business there. Expansion is what you’re hoping to get, yet foreign networks don’t respond to you the way you would like. They restrict your access, and even decide to keep an eye on you. How do you get around this unwanted attention, and connect to your native network?

One more: your e-business is slightly tricky to manage, and requires your employees to be spread out geographically. How do they safely stay in touch with one another, communicating on a private, central platform?

With a VPN, of course, which sets you up over a tunneled server, giving you secure credentials to surf about wherever you want, however you want.


I know what you’re thinking: this breathtakingly amazing service must come at a breathtaking costly price. But to answer your quite relevant apprehension, no, it doesn’t. A virtual private network is surprisingly easy to install, and quite affordable too. Just subscribe to a reputable VPN provider, configure the service on your device, turn it on over a high-speed connection like Spectrum Internet, and you’re protected! It’s that convenient, and at a measly price of around ten dollars per month.

So what do you think?

After going through all of the benefits of a VPN, do you think it is a worthwhile measure to protect your online business with? Or do you wish to pass it over and stay exposed?

It’s all up to you.

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