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10 Social Media Strategies For Network Marketing

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The digital world holds a special place in its heart for social media. The social life of the e-generation has been digitalized through several social media platforms. They have become an essential and inherent part of today’s life. Especially in marketing and business, social media plays a vital role in creating brand recognition. As an entrepreneur, you musn’t overlook the importance of social media marketing for the growth of your business. Employing it as a marketing strategy can unlock the enormous potential of network marketing and earn laurels for your business.

Below are several social media strategies that can help you to boost your business through network marketing:

Unlock The Powerful Potential Of Twitter

Arguably the best platform for network marketing, Twitter has an enormous potential to boost your business performance. It is the most common and loved platform amongst entrepreneurs to create an impression about their business in the minds of people.

There are several tactics which need to be implemented in Twitter for making your business stand out from the crowd. For example, once you are done creating your business profile in twitter, people will begin placing you on public Twitter lists. Find someone who is relevant to your business and explore his lists. You will be surprised to find a mine of interesting people you can follow and who will hopefully return the favor. Also, the website Twellow can help in finding and following users for your relevant interests.

Finally, using the specialized Twitter search prompts can do wonders for your business. Also, add a visual appeal to your tweets by posting images relevant to the content. In this way, you can attract your audience to the most important content of your profile.

Become A Resource On Facebook

Facebook is the most common social media platform which constantly keeps updating itself. It has been going through several algorithm changes in the last few years which have optimised the reach and visibility of posts.

Try using these changes to your advantage. Create a page for your target customers and entertain and engage them with creative and appealing posts. Make sure to post frequently and strategically to ensure maximum reach for your posts. Use the Facebook Graph search to connect to ideal prospects in your vicinity.

Expand Your Reach with LinkedIn Publisher

The free content publishing feature of LinkedIn is quite a tool. If you haven’t already explored it, try it out right now to gain more influencers for your business. Publisher creates an active environment for your business. You publish quality content, and it builds up your credibility as an expert in your industry. It provides you with more exposure to your target audience as well, and you get a string of influencer marketers for your business. Publisher, thus, is the tool to expand your business through social media marketing.

Test the Potential of Pinterest

The common misconception which people have is that Pinterest is best for organizations that have to market something visual to their audience like food, fashion, sports, etc. We never expect hardcore software companies to have anything to do with this social media platform. However recently, while going through a case study, I was proved wrong in my approach.

A software service company tested pinning their blog posts on Pinterest. While in some cases the images were original like infographics or something similar, they also used a paid Shutterstock account to create new images. They built up boards based on their brand personas and developed on this idea. After a short span of time, Pinterest became their number one social network referral source. Their real goal was to drive people to opt for a free trial.

They got considerable traffic from Pinterest, and almost 15% of the traffic was converted into customers, and this experiment drove a substantial amount of revenue to their business.

Also while using Pinterest, give some context to the images so that the audience is at once informed about the purpose and the use of the pins.

Explore Business Possibilities in YouTube

The greatest gift of social media marketing is video marketing. Videos tend to attract a whole lot of attention from the audience since their appeal factor is quite high. Hence, YouTube has emerged to be one of the best platforms for social media marketing.

Building a group of influencers to build your network and promote your business is also considerably easier here. Creating engaging, appealing and interesting videos tend to hook your target audience to your channel. Use that to your advantage and explore its potential.

Provide links to your website or blog, under the video and direct the audience there. It will help increase traffic to your site as well as increase the list of influencers of your business. The e-generation is hooked on YouTube for both entertainment and business purposes. Millions of individuals have started their YouTube channel and have become quite successful in their respective fields. One such highest earning YouTuber is the stand-up comedian Lilly Singh, popularly known as Superwoman. Watch one of her videos to get an idea about how she uses her them to market her brand of comedy.

Do Not Appear Like a Spammer

Try not to spam your influencers and target audience at every opportunity. Nobody is fond of a nagging personality. Try personalizing your messages to your audience like sending a personally recorded message or sending a private message. Make them feel special, and you will get attention for your business.

Try creating a friendship with your prospects at first and then see if they are open to your proposals. Dive into the core of your intentions slowly by at first getting to know your client, understanding their perspectives and interests and then placing your proposal smoothly through the conversation. It increases the chances of you being successful in your attempts.

Self-promotion doesn’t always work out for the best. Sometimes you need to provide help to the target audience instead of approaching with the intention of promoting your products/services.

Write Blog Posts

There is no necessity to awaken the literary persona in you. All you need to do is write short but engaging and educational blog posts which may provide some value to customers and your audience.

Seth Godin is one such famous and successful blogger of the marketing world, who is an expert at expressing thought-provoking ideas which are lucid and easily deciphered. Also, start commenting on things that are relevant to your business and that you have read about. It will provide you exposure to several people that might be relevant influencers for your business. Commenting also provides you with material for your blog posts.

Organise Private Hangouts

Use Google+ to host a dedicated and right group of individuals with whom you can have relevant conversations. It helps in discussing important topics, gaining proper exposure as well as blocking unnecessary noise and traffic. Host private hangouts and meet with like-minded people who might help you in posting your business.

Focus on the Content

Content is king in digital marketing. You need to constantly develop and update your content and deliver it consistently across all the social media platforms which you have chosen for your business.

There are several websites like which help in creating quality content. Edgar is another such platform which helps in regulating the content. You can create your content categories and keep track of specific posts which you have released or are releasing. It helps you in keeping track of the type of content that you have posted earlier. Also, it has the option for scheduling repeat posts indefinitely. Edgar also has a feature which allows you to upload custom images for Facebook, Twitter as well as LinkedIn posts. Using such a social media content scheduler works well.

Target Your Visitors with Social Ads

It takes a lot of time to attract relevant visitors to your site and even more to retain them. Thus retargeting them is required to ensure maximum retention of traffic to your website. Retarget these visitors to social media platforms hosting your business profiles and encourage them to take further action.

To sum up, while it is imperative to have a strong knowledge about your field of business, it is also essential that you help those around you, especially your potential customers and target audience. Understand their aspirations, needs, and that will help you market your business in the best way. The key to being a successful social media network marketer is to have a clear idea of your market and audience. Only then can you restructure your goals and strategies to create a successful and soaring business and acquire profits.

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