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How to use LinkedIn to Amp Up Your Business Manpower

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The streamlined and extremely specific position of LinkedIn allows it to focus on building just professional relationships. This makes LinkedIn the most trusted and empowering business website in the social network spectrum today. By cutting down on information clusters such as an individual’s photos or their private life, LinkedIn offers a highly targeted channel for job boards.

Why LinkedIn as your manpower platform? 

The power that both employers and employees derive from LinkedIn may be channeled into advertising your job board, making LinkedIn’s own platform the basic framework for it. Particularly with features like the very attractive “follow” utility tool, it provides a ready base for you to make your job board website appeal to the right audiences.

Tips For Job Boards To Convert LinkedIn Into A Marketing Melting Pot.

1. Paid content and sponsored ads

LinkedIn sits at the fulcrum where it is actively accessible to both employers and employees: both being target audiences for job boards. While LinkedIn allows social ads through the company page, there are additional opportunities for those willing to look a little further. Additional ad runs are available, which when complemented with the right people search solution provider, can help you get the best ROI out of your advertisement dollars for your job board.

2. Make use of LinkedIn community services

“LinkedIn community is truly a productive service that I personally recommend to startups looking for good talent in locally. It worked for us in a situation when consultancy services were not affordable.” – says HR manager of The power of community experience is an immense benefit of LinkedIn. Particularly because it is a community of business professionals, there are features like groups to unite many brands in the same spectrum.

The follower feature allows any user to keep up to date with the job market, following regular updates from companies while using real-time job searches. Generally, the degrees of separation between users help Job Boards promote themselves through status updates, etc.

3. Make Proper use of the your company page

Maximize the use of the Job Board company profile . With an improved portfolio incorporating status updates, a blog link, helpful articles, events, job leadership programs, etc. on offer, chances are that both employers and job hunters will like or follow the page. This translates into more views, more updates, a better network of connections, and better marketing.

4. Use the question answer boards for promotion

LinkedIn allows its users to be recognized as “experts”. The Answer Boards are particularly fertile grounds for such, which helps job boards seek recognition from users by offering better, comprehensive and more helpful comments. This is perhaps the easiest way to get noticed.

5. Build a show case page

This is an extension to the existing LinkedIn page, which allows greater flexibility and marketability for every user. As an extension, it mainly allows you to feature certain aspects of a business: which may be useful for job boards in segmenting two key user categories. Build relationships and engage a specific audience, because that’s the aim here.

LinkedIn allows you to channel all your advertising to the right network of people. It’s a seething market of job listings decked up with related tools for its users. Work on a well thought out long term marketing strategy to activate LinkedIn as a potential channel for brand management, subscription increase, and positive word of mouth for your job board, and race past competitors!

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