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3 Signs You Need an Applicant Tracking System

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For most companies, hiring new people is often one of the most complex and challenging processes involved in running a business.  This is the inevitable partner if your company is growing, and yet a large number of businesses struggle with this process.  So, would you consider using an applicant tracking system to help streamline this process?  You can find out more about these systems below.   

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system is also commonly referred to as ATS.  This software helps screen potential candidates and manages the entire hiring process.  These systems are web-based and usually found within the umbrella term of ‘talent management’. You can click this link for more info on some of the best application tracking systems. 

How do Applicant Tracking Systems Work?

Like the vast majority of business software, application tracking systems revolve around automation processes.  When an applicant applies online, all of their information is collected in a centralised database. This database holds everything from education backgrounds to application questions and even cv’s.  An ATS will easily sort through all of this information and present you with the top applicants.

An applicant tracking system does not just automate the company side of things.  It also automates communication to applicants by sending them automated messages.  These automated messages can tell an applicant when a company has received their cv, as well as send an invitation for an interview or send a rejection email once someone has been hired.

Here are five signs that you need to consider testing out an applicant tracking system.

1. You’re spending a Lot of Time Submitting the Same Job Ad to Multiple Job Sites

If you are hiring for a tricky to fill position, you’ll likely have to get your job ad on a variety of the best job posting sites.  Each of these sites will come with different posting mechanisms.  The better ATS systems will enable you to post on multiple job sites with a single submission.  This is guaranteed to save time per hire.

2. Irrelevant Applications from Candidates are Inundating Your Inbox

This is the number one headache when hiring someone new.  Often, companies will lose huge chunks of time sifting through dozens of irrelevant applications from people that lack the necessary skills for the role.  An ATS can help in a few ways.  First, you will have customisable application forms where you will be able to include screen questions.  Secondly, a top-quality ATS can also deliver structured information about each applicant, which makes disqualifying candidates easy and hassle free. 

3. Your Hiring Team is Having Problems Co-ordinating Feedback

If your business only has one person handling recruitment, it will likely be the responsibility of your inbox to let you know if your current process is working or not.  However, when you are part of a hiring team, and you are not using an applicant tracking system, this is where you can run into difficulties, because you will be getting messages from all directions.  This can often cause headaches.  An ATS will easily cover sharing notes, evaluations of different candidates, providing feedback, running different calendars, forwarding PDF applications and more.  Plus, with an ATS, all of this is done in one place. 

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