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Significance and Reasons to Design Custom Display Booths at Trade Shows

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Trade shows gives an opportunity to build brand awareness and solid sales channel. You may be wondering, how brand awareness can be achieved at trade shows? Actually, attendees visit trade shows to shop for the latest products or pursue their professional learning endeavor. Participants can create brand awareness, educate their audiences and build relationships with visitors. It is a key component to close sales. 

Trade shows are competitive, so take help from professional exhibit designers like ExpoMarketing. Booths can be tailored as per your trade goals. 

Common trade show goals

Building brand awareness

If your company goal is to build brand awareness then maintain consistency all through the display, marketing materials and website. It is necessary to be familiar with the impression to be created in the minds of your attendees. Your booth needs to be unique and stick out with respect to direct competitors and neighbouring booths. 

Generate new leads and sales

If your objective is to generate leads & sales conversion then eye-catching design is the crucial aspect of the display. People need to be drawn towards your booth. Hook business logo and name on top. It grabs attention as attendees walk around the exhibit floor. Remember social media and send invites as well as include hashtags to advertise your presence at the trade show across multiple platforms. 

Customised email invitation can be sent to existing consumers and prospects. Committed buyers frequently visit trade show with vendor’s must-see list, so give such buyers a cause to add your company name to that list. 

Launch new products or services

For launch of new product, incorporate presentations or demonstrations in your exhibit. Place a sample or model of the new launched product. Visual images need to be creative and interesting to engage attendees. Graphic including company logo and name must be placed higher than anything else within the booth. It can be noticed from a distance. 

Why have custom display designed?

Now, you are aware the reasons attendees visit trade fair and what companies desire to accomplish from their exhibit. It is time to work with custom exhibit design. 

First impression

Display is the first experience attendees have with your business. You are well aware about first impression and second chances. Therefore, choose a custom display booth to make a good first impression and engage them with your creative communication skills. Custom does not mean flashy. Best booth tells the brand story as well as convey a message to the audience.

Hold your brand

Incorporate your brand logo, color, images, and language in your customised display. Graphics need to be printed on quality material with proper color theme and clear images.  It helps attendees remember your brand for a long time. Make sure to write a catchy message with impressive image, so that people can remember it easily. 

Get creative

Display possibilities are countless with sufficient imagination. Use basic backdrop, to tell brand story. You can even use shape and forms to emphasize a product or encourage specific emotion within your visitors.

Give reason to share

Brand awareness can be expanded beyond the walls of convention hall. Attract attendees to share your display photos on social media. Create a display, where people wish to take selfies and be inclined to share on social channels. The photo will show your URL, logo, name and hashtag. 

When visitors tag their selfies with tradeshow image your company exposure increases, dramatically. In addition, if you have an efficient landing page designed on your website then your brand name enhances more as people who encountered your trade show image on social channels will visit your website. 

Along with customised trade show exhibits, you need to know your audience needs, set goals for the show, hire right staff for the booth and follow the great leads. The rewards gained will justify the effort and time along with a successful trade show experience.

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