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Social Media Marketing Ideas For Creating Pet Store Buzz

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Pet industry is thriving, and pet grooming is the dominant sector. According to APPA [American Pet Products Association 2017-2018 survey, about 68% families in the U.S. owns a pet. Other interesting fact is the humanization of pets, which is a dynamic factor for the pet industry. Pet owners are:

  • Giving pets supplements or vitamins
  • Pet training and behavioral consulting
  • Feeding them with grain free or organic options [just like humans]
  • Purchasing treats
  • Take pets to vet regularly
  • Pay for pet service
  • Buy pet designer items
  • Hold dog parties
  • Pet massage at holistic spa services
  • Pet portrait photography
  • Invest in pet health insurance 
  • Plan pet-friendly travel 
  • Buy costly electronic devices to keep dogs safe
  • Shop online for pet products

Common pet selling natural products are:

  • Natural flea & tick repellants
  • Holistic dog & cat food
  • Toys designed from natural fibers
  • Holistic grooming products 

If you own a pet store or are a manufacturer of animal products, then you need to connect
with consumers for in every possible way, in order to enhance your business. 

Social media and pet industry 

Social media is the best way to get connected with pet owners, all around the world. Just imagine 14 million active users on Instagram and 35 million on Facebook, what a gigantic potential audience ahead of you waiting to be targeted! Users are always keen to share their family pet’s cute or mischievous photographs.

Social media marketing ideas 

Offer unique items

Buying unique item has always been a trend. You can offer many things on social channels through your business like sell homemade healthy dog treats or handcrafted pet clothing.

Post brief pet care tips

Pet owners will adore the pet care tips in tweets with 140 characters. It can include tips about ways to keep barking dogs calm, best fish feeding food, how to cut pet’s nails, etc. The tweets need to blend well, so all kinds of pet care gets discussed like finned, feathered, and furry. It helps to keep each kind of possible customer interested. 

Hold contests

You can run contest for the best pet photo or video, or for best pet story or a ‘caption this image’. You can offer discounts on your online pet store products, or cash prizes. Only then the pet owners will be more interested in your brand and persist to engage with your social account.

Use hashtags

Hashtags makes sure that your post is seen by fans, followers and even a lot of other people. Hashtag needs to be relevant to your business. Learn to use them on social channels to engage new customers.

Post images of consumers with your products

Posting product photos is less effective than uploading images of consumers with your products. You can request customers to share pictures of how your product is used. It is similar to word-of-mouth marketing approach. The product photos can be linked with the landing page of your website. It helps to convert the social media traffic into consumers. 

Credit consumers

Everybody adores to be recognized. Calling customers publicly is tempting for them, so they connect with your business. Public tweets or Facebook posts directly sent to them is appreciated. It gives them recognition they deserve and in turn your business gets more recognition. 

Write about upcoming animal related event

In case there is an animal related event being hosted in your area then let the consumers know about it. In this way you promote your business along with sharing event information, which consumers desire to know about.

Make people talk about their pet

Pet owners adore talking about their pets. Invite them on your post, ask them questions about their pet like what three things are adorable about your pet? How do you take care of fish tank? What is your preferred pet care tip? 

Post videos

Videos regarding how to, pet grooming tips, funny animal antics, or pet-owners playing with pets bought from your store. A live video event can be created from your store to make big announcement.

Always be creative with social media posts. Look for fun ways to share content. Mix things up using images, videos, fun facts, bogs, etc. Remember everyone loves a cute picture of dog or cat, if you run out of ideas. 

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