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7 Easy-to-Start Online Business Ideas

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1. Starting an e-commerce website

The online commerce is a growing industry at a global level, due to the fact that the investors benefit from an easy access to building a website and registering a top level domain name. The start-up costs related to this procedure are very small and, more importantly, the website can be set up very fast. 

One of the main European destinations for setting up an e-commerce website is Germany, a country that provides attractive tax regulations and where the accessibility to the online sector is facilitated by the usage of modern means of communication (smartphones, tablets, fast internet speed).  The main advantage of opening an e-commerce platform refers to the fact that the company can reach a larger potential market of clients, as the website can be accessed from any location in the world. However, it will also be necessary to establish a payment platform that can accept international credit cards. 

2. Start an app development business 

Since more and more citizens across the world are using smartphones and internet services, starting an app development business can yield positive return on investment.  The application should be created in such a manner that it will be compatible with all operating systems available for smartphones and tablets, in order to increase the total number of downloads.  In this sense, investors can start a company in Japan, which is one of the most developed markets on the usage of modern technology.  

3. Set up a SEO company 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is a field that is very relevant for most of the businesses operating in the online environment. Investors can start a SEO business that can help other companies in growing their presence on various search engines. Although paid advertisment in the online environment can position a business in the first page of any search engine, SEO can have the same effects, but on the long term.  However, in order to increase the visibility of a website it is necessary to hire a specialist that is familiarized with the manner in which SEO functions. 

4. Start a social media consultancy business

Nowadays, social media plays a major role in promoting businesses, but only a small percentage of the investors know exactly how these  platforms promote paid ad services, especially when the rules imposed by the social media platforms are modified on a current basis. Since the internet world is highly interconnected, a company operating in Belize may request to promote its services or products to a foreign market or to a specific type of group of persons and a social media consultancy business can offer specialized assistance. 

5. Start a business on a reputable e-commerce platform  

Another simple way to start an online business is by setting an account on large e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon or e-Bay. In most of the case, persons who involve in such activities sell consumer products such as clothing, jewelry, toys, decoractions and accessories of all types.  However, prior to starting this type of activity, it is recommended to study the market in which the business will operate and, furthermore, it is necessary to verify what are the tax requirements that need to be met.

6. Set up a online graphic design business

Companies operating in the online environment rely greatly on the visual identity of their website, which is usually created with the assistance of a graphic designer, who can understand the needs of his or her client. In order to increase the number of orders, it is highly recommended to set up a simple website where possible business partners can consult the portfolio that can include the templates of other websites, brochures and advertising materials. 

7. Start a web development activity

Persons who have the necessary knowledge related to coding can start a web development business, as more and more persons and legal entities accross the world are interested in having an online presence. A web development business can create a wide range of websites, including niche sites, for specific products or services.

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