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How AR Could Dominate the Mobile Market

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Augmented reality is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting innovations in tech. The potentiality of the technology is not yet fully realized, as the applications for it show. AR has a wealth of possibilities from shopping in your home to placing a game board in a three-dimensional space. Various electronics have tried to use this technology in the past but with limited results. 

Devices, such as the Nintendo 3DS, have attempted to make augmented reality compatible applications that saw some success. However, in the modern era, everyone has the perfect device to fully utilize  augmented reality technology. The smartphone allows for development of AR at a high level and is the perfect platform to develop the technology even further. The mobile market is always looking for innovation but usually finds it in the form of its devices. Now that Apple has augmented reality compatibility the development cycle for mobile app developers has exploded. 

So many users of smartphones are used to two-dimensional applications or playing standard games with their thumbs. Augmented reality seeks to entirely flip the mobile app market on its head and, in time, can potentially dominate the entire market.

First, there is a huge market for innovation in the mobile space. Millions of smartphone users are willing to upgrade to a new phone every year or every two years to get the latest device technology. This kind of market, with this customer base, shows that the market is ready to go all in on a new technology. 

Those completely embedded in the smartphone market are typically committed to advancing the technology and any software that comes along with it. This means, simply, the developers who make apps for augmented reality with the mobile market in mind already have a giant consumer base that they can bounce their software off of. This is often times the hardest part of making software. 

The beauty of the consumer market for smartphones is that it is constantly growing and has plenty of room for more applications. This means that any developer who gets involved will have broad exposure and a good sense of how they fit into the app market. The upward trend of the increasing mobile device market also draws other companies from around the world looking to invest in developers. So, along with increased audience presence and a bigger consumer base there is also a greater chance of investment and business cooperation through the mobile market. There is no better market to start out in than one that has such broad appeal. 

Even though the mobile augmented reality software catalog is fairly limited at the moment it has already seen increased traction. This is due to a variety of reasons the least of which is the innovation in the genre. Both Target and Ikea have created AR apps that can be used to assist people in shopping and allow them to see what products will look like in there spaces. 

The response to these apps, and the innovation within, show that people are very interested in a full utilization of the technology. As of right now, on the mobile market, it is still primarily used for gaming and other basic forms of entertainment. 

The experience market for augmented reality is still largely untouched but if the reaction of Ikea and Target are anything to go by then we know the consumer bases there. For any developer thinking about getting involved, now would be the time. Augmented reality is a technology that many consumers are looking forward to using in robust and innovative ways. Truly, any developers in the mobile market may want to look into involving themselves in augmented reality software. 

The platforms of development are simpler now and the consumer base is eager to try something new. If the involvement increases on both the developer side and consumer side then the dominance of augmented reality in the mobile space is just a matter of time. 

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