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Shared Hosting Users: This is How Moving Your Website to the Cloud can Help You

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Most people choose a regular Shared Hosting package to host their first website- largely for its affordability and simplicity. This is a good first step and can teach you a lot about web hosting. 

As your website grows, you may start to find the shared hosting environment inadequate but be reluctant to move to a more expensive hosting option such as Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers. You should be happy to know that there is a middle ground for you and your business – Cloud Hosting. How? While Cloud Hosting tackles all the needs of a growing website, it is also happens to be light on the pocket. 

To be clear here, we are talking not of hosting on a cloud server but a hybrid solution that combines the scalability of the cloud with the simplicity and affordability of a Shared Hosting. This unique hosting solution gives small businesses more room to breathe while they progress through several stages of growth.

What is Cloud Hosting?

First, let’s understand what cloud hosting really is.

Unlike shared hosting, where your website is hosted on a single server and shares resources such as CPU and RAM with several other websites, with cloud hosting, your website is supported by a network of several servers configured to work as one. 

What are the benefits of this setup?

  1. Your website will not be dependant on the functioning of just one server, ensuring maximum uptime.
  2. Traffic spikes on your website can be handled more seamlessly i.e resources can be expanded on demand to adjust to sudden traffic surges. On the other hand, websites hosted on a shared server can utilize resources only up to a certain limit. 
  3. As a consequence, your customers will face no issues while accessing your website and you see no drop in your website visits/conversions- which will also contribute to maintaining a healthy search engine rank.

Cloud hosting Providers:

While there are several providers that offer hosting via cloud servers, few offer a hybrid solution with Shared Hosting. ResellerClub is one cloud hosting provider that we came across that offers the combined benefits of the cloud with the best of Shared Hosting or a bit of both worlds for customers. 

With this cloud hosting offering, users get:

  • The ability to scale up their resources with 1 click to meet sudden traffic spikes to their website.
  • Advanced caching along with a Content Delivery Network to accelerate the speed of their webpages.
  • Super data security guaranteeing 3 copies of your data across several devices.
  • A cPanel offering, which is a simple, easy-to-use and feature-rich hosting management panel. 

If you’ve been struggling with your Shared Hosting package, we hope we’ve opened up a whole new world for you.

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