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How to Grow Your Business Exponentially Using Great Marketing Videos?

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Online video is becoming more popular with time.  If you scroll through the social media sites, you will come across many videos within your news feed. Video has turned out to be an important part of marketing campaigns.  As a matter of fact, marketing through video isn’t considered to be a luxury anymore. It has become a necessary solution. If you want, you can share videos on your Instagram page and buy Instagram followers to market your products and services. In this post you can learn how to use video marketing to grow your business. Below are different techniques for you to try.  

Explainer Videos

Visual marketing has a long history. Our brains are capable of processing visual content much faster than text.  Hence, it will come as no surprise that a video is favored over reading for explaining how a particular product or service works.  Studies have shown that 85% of customers are likely to purchase a product once they come across an explainer video. An explainer video will help to explain the story, product, and service of a company. The purpose of the video is mainly to tell who you are what you are offering.  Explainer videos are usually short. They can be hand drawings, digital drawings, and/or live action. Most of the popular explainer videos are actually animated videos.  

Brand Recognition

You will obviously want your customers to remember your brand when they think of the product that you offer. There are various ways to create a buzz around a brand with the help of video. The best part about this is that you will not even require a team of in-house professionals or a big budget. All you need is some creativity. 

Introducing Yourself with the Video

You have to give your audience the chance to meet the people behind the brand. Showing authenticity and being genuine isn’t something that a business is able to fake. Albeit consumers are concerned about great product and service, it is the cause and passion of the company which helps in building an emotional connection between the brand and the customer. 


The inclusion of video blogs or vlogs shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Vlogs are pretty cheap to make but they are rich in personality. They showcase important engagement figures. You should definitely try out vlogs to make your products and services a household name.

Promotional Videos

In the event you have to launch a new event, product, or service, you should try promotional videos.  Promotional videos are great for communicating a message to the masses. A promotional video falls somewhere between a brand recognition video and an explainer video.  If you want to display your product without explaining much but want to make sure that your brand name gets recognized, then you should definitely try out  promotional videos. 

You can share videos on your Instragram page. If you feel that you need more followers to popularize your brand, you should buy Instagram followers to increase the popularity of your brand name. This social networking site has more than 700 million users and it is still growing.  Whether you are on Instagram or not, some of your customers probably are. This simply means that somebody might have already posted about your product or business. Unlike the other social platforms, you can use Instagram to send traffic to your site with each and every post that you make. You won’t be able to include links in posts but you can have them in your bio. This simply means that the users are more likely to interact and follow your company since they know that you are not trying to sell them anything directly. With Instagram the possibilities are endless.

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