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Tips for Monitoring Your Children’s Social Media Accounts

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Being a parent we all are concerned about the exposure of our children to the world of internet. Handling your child’s online presence is very important. This can be a risk for their security as well, according to a survey conducted 62% of children have a negative online experience and 33% children end up downloading viruses. 2 out of every 5 children received friend requests from anonymous people. Apart from, safety issues you don’t want your kid to do something embarrassing which can put his whole reputation at stake. But here the question arises that how can you monitor your children’s social media appearances and also prevent your child from misusing social media? 

Fret not, we have compiled a list of some really helpful ways by which you can look over your children’s internet especially social media usage effectively;

Creating Specific rules for your home:

In order to manage your children’s lives, you have to start by making some strict rules for your home. These rules will help you in avoiding the over-involvement of your children in social media. Some of the rules that you can make are;

No phones on dining tables:

This rule means no phone usage during meals it means no phone usage for parents as well. Doing this will make your children interact with you instead of their phones and it will strengthen your bonding with them.

No phones in bedrooms:

 This rule should be made to follow very strictly. Most children try to misuse internet at night in their bedrooms as they are sure that they can’t be caught by their parents so, in order to avoid misuse of phones it’s best if you take the cellphones away during the night.

Another great way of monitoring your kid’s social media is by using apps like mspy. These apps not only allow you to track your children’s internet usage but you can also control it easily.

Talk to your Children:

Talking with your children is very important in all aspects of life. You can simply guide your children from the negative aspects of social media and they will understand why you are being so overprotective of them. This way they can even help themselves by being more attentive when accepting new people in their lists. You cannot simply keep your children away from social media it’s a fact they will use it somehow. So, the best way is giving them awareness about social media yourself in this way they will not misuse it or no one will be able to misuse them as well and it will also deepen your bonding with them. You need to make sure that your children trust you well enough that they share everything with you.

Make your own Social media accounts:

In order to keep a check on the social life of your kids, you need to have a social life of your own as well. This way you will be a part of your children’s social life as well and they will not post anything inappropriate knowing that you’re also there. It is also a great way of keeping an eye on children’s company as well.

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