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How JavaScript Can Improve Your Website

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JavaScript is a high level and weakly typed programming language that has implementations and uses far and above what anyone can even dream of. It is one of the three major languages supported by the World Wide Web Consortium and has an impact on websites all over the world without the need of its own engine. All of the modern-day browsers come with support for JavaScript. 

Most reliable and sufficient computer science programs will have a JavaScript course. It is considered by many to be an essential programming language that all programmers should know. It is one of the few languages that all web developers know and love. Its uses are plenty and the potential it brings is immense. 

This brings us to the point, if you have a website for personal use or business use then you should know JavaScript.  The development language allows programmers to completely customize their website and implement all kinds of interactivity on the front end, which greatly improves your UX design. Since it is high-functioning and dynamic it allows the developer to create exactly what they want for their site. The beauty of JavaScript is that the only thing in your way is your imagination.

The main way in which JavaScript can help your business, or your website, is by the simple act of interactivity and beautification. With JavaScript you can make things appear three dimensional, create auto playing videos, and create highly stylized images that are animated. Indeed, it is interactivity that makes JavaScript such an incredible language and adds immense value to your website. When thinking of ideas of how to improve your website, think about yourself visiting a new site for the first time. Imagine the site that you would want to see out on the web. 

A simple script that ran a countdown timer, for instance, would be easy to program and would add another level to your website. If your site is primarily focused on fitness, then you may want an interactive workout center that is clickable that can explain what each piece of equipment does and the exercises that go with them. If you are making a website for a personal portfolio, you may want to think about running a script that flips each piece you have made or zooms in on them and makes them interactive. If you are making a showcase website, then consider using JavaScript to do things such as making automatic slideshows and themed outlines.

However that is just in terms of your personal experience  with designing your own website. The goal of any site is to eventually draw large amounts of traffic and grow exposure to solidify either an idea or a brand. JavaScript will let your website stand out and give you the edge you need to compete with the biggest and best websites. When it gets down to brass tacks we all know that you have to wow the consumer for them to stay. 

Using JavaScript, you can create a highly interactive and awe inspiring experience filled with color, animations and incredible sounds. Websites that use JavaScript are typically more attractive and are more likely to keep a potential visitor for much longer. What we want to do is create a  memorable experience for any user that comes across your website.

Ultimately, JavaScript is a very dynamic language that can completely revamp your website and give it a bold look. As the goal is always, you want to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. Consider using JavaScript to give you the creative edge and hook in visitors with your incredible design skills or the design skills of a freelancer. JavaScript is easy to learn for anyone with programming experience and a good start for those without programming experience. 

The overall benefits of using the language far outweigh any potential cons and will make you more satisfied with your site and the work you have put into it. If you have a website, then now is the time to learn a great new skill that can give your website a gigantic edge and whatever market you are apart of. There is no better time to learn JavaScript than right now.

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