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Science Behind Memory Foam Mattress – Things to Know Before You Invest On it!

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So, did you sleep properly last night? Well, we all know that the key to a good day and high productivity is good night’s rest and you cannot agree less, can you? However, do you really know which is that ‘one thing’ that has a great impact on your sleep?

It is your mattress! So, doesn’t it make perfect sense to find most reliable and comfortable bed to ensure good night sleep every night? Today, most of the people are ditching conventional sprung beds and turning to the latest memory foam beds that come with ample benefits. If you have heard about it already but still don’t know how it works or what features it comes with, you are just at the right place! Read on to know more about this latest innovation and how it can change the way you sleep!

What makes memory foam different?

All of our body tissue is basically wrapped around skeleton which is a hard structure. While a conventional bed has mattress with soft material that is supported by the coiled metal springs, it won’t fully respond to your exact body shape. 

Here comes the great yet simple idea behind memory foam. Rather than sleeping on the springs, you will sleep on thick foam that will give way wherever you press. In technical terms, it is called viscoelastic. Whenever you apply force, it will move and when you remove force, it will return back to its original state. Moreover, the foam is even temperature sensitive that makes it to sink more while the temperature of your body warms it up. 

Your complete body will always be supported perfectly keeping your spine straight. Moreover, your weight too will be spread more evenly. The pressure will be relieved on places like your hips and shoulders. 

What makes memory foam mattresses softer as they get hotter?

We already know that is we heat a viscous liquid it ultimately becomes runnier or less viscous. So, it is of no surprise that viscosity of the memory foam even greatly depends on temperature. The hotter it tends to get less viscous it ultimately becomes. 

In just other words, the memory foam becomes a bit more flexible after getting hotter. Even increased humidity has similar effect. Moreover, some of the memory foams are made up from reticulated foam rather than solid foam. They posses more of the open celled structure that improves ventilation and allows moisture to get away from the sleeper’s body. 

Are memory foam mattresses more hygienic?

It is shown that the foam mattresses having higher density are more hygienic than others since bed bugs don’t really like residing in foam. Memory foam highly reduces the issue of bed bugs. Moreover, some of the best ones are even manufactured having antibacterial agents as well as deodorants that are added to polymer mix to enhance hygiene. 

Looking for non-toxic mattress 

If you are highly sensitive towards chemicals, you can buy chemical-free mattress from a reliable manufacturer. You can even explore your options at Mattress-Inquirer.Com and know the reviews of different types of mattress to choose the right one for you. 

It is to be noted here that not all of the mattresses are created equal. While looking for a genuine non-toxic mattress, make sure that it contains numerous certifications since purest combines many safety standards to provide you with ultimate comfort and safety. 

After reading the above points, you now surely know what to look for when buying a new mattress, isn’t it? Well, check out the top review sites to know what the customers have to say about the ones they have brought recently!

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