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10 Incredible Tricks to Improve the Conversion Rates of E-Commerce Sites

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We live in an era when having a digital presence is a big deal for every organization, whether big or small. Even the shopping experience has become concentrated into the palms of our hands. So, needless to say e-commerce websites are reaping the benefits. 

However, despite the immense popularity of various e-commerce sites, conversion rates are still quite low. This post will highlight some tricks for improving the conversion rates for such websites.  

1. Survey the visitors and customers on your website

You can put up survey questions on the relevant pages of your ecommerce website to decipher the requirements that the consumers may have. Depending on the kind of feedback you receive, develop your business plan to convert browsing visitors into loyal consumers. 

If you have access to a sizeable number of consumers, you should definitely utilize them to accelerate the process of conversion. This is a focused and faster way to receive valuable feedback and also unearth hidden issues regarding conversions. 

2. Present a winning a product description

There is a good reason why some of the big names in the ecommerce industry use unique and attractive descriptions of the products they sell. Such descriptions provide potential customers and visitors with adequate details, so they understand that the product they are viewing is worth buying. Putting clarity over persuasion always works wonders. The best product descriptions are less gimmicky and more informative. 

What should be the ideal length of your product description? 

Well, you should prepare both the condensed version and the detailed version. The shorter version should present an overview, regarding who the product is for, and how beneficial it is, etc. 

The longer version should offer all the relevant details necessary in a way that leaves no question in the visitor’s mind. You can also consider adding a product video since according to the statistics, people who watch videos are 144% more likely to add a product to the cart.  

3. Customize the home page and landing page with pertinent recommendations

As per a study conducted by Accenture, 75% of customers prefer to buy from a well-established e-commerce company that provides its customers options, depending on their previous purchases or search history.

It doesn’t end there. A study also found that by 2020, smart customization engines geared to determine customer intent would allow digital businesses to elevate their profits by approximately 15%.

Applying customization to highlight related products and services on landing pages or directly on your homepage depending on the user’s intent will remarkably increase your conversion rates. The reason being that you’re providing options related to something they’re already considering to buy.

4. Initiate a live chat facility

There can be no better substitute for real time assistance. That’s why website visitors more often pick live chats over other mediums of contact. 

An on-site live chat app offers an excellent way to connect with new or existing customers regarding the services you provide. But if your customer support team is not efficient or responsive, your customers will navigate away from the specific page, or worse, leave the website. Other than that, the experts using live chat can be instrumental in converting visitors once they properly address concerns and provide solutions. 

Listed below are some quick tips on creating a great customer service team. 

  • You should clearly mention your contact details so a potential customer can get in touch with you anytime.
  • Provide real time assistance on the website.
  • Negative experiences should be transformed into positives. 95% of dissatisfied customers are more likely to come back to your website if you have solved their issue efficiently and quickly.

5. Prioritize the top-sellers on your website

There are various analytical tools, like Google Analytics, that can acquire pertinent data to assist you in determining which products or services on your website are the top sellers. 

Now prepare your marketing strategies around your top selling products in the carousel sliders, or banners. These are the products that potential shoppers are normally looking for. That’s the reason these products are popular in the first place. 

6. Use the homepage for calling out consumers

Do you have some sort of sale going on? What about free shipping options or quality assurance? How about highlighting a new product your consumers have been looking for? 

These are the kind of details you’ll want to highlight on the homepage of your website and link more useful information to it. Whatever seems intriguing, or exciting to your customers should be presented front and center on the website.

7. Leverage your content marketing strategies

To accelerate your conversion rates, you need to draw in the right set of people in the first place. If you’re selling jewelry, for instance, you should attempt to focus on people who are interested in buying, instead of people who have no genuine interest. To drive traffic to your e-commerce website, there is no greater alternative than content marketing.

Now speaking of the jewelry example, writing about different types of jewelry, for different occasions is more likely to draw in the appropriate kind of audience and assist you to convert your readers because the content addresses their needs and requirements.

Some quick tips on elevating conversion rates with content marketing

  • Make your blog easily accessible from your e-commerce website.
  • Follow SEO best practices for each one of your articles.
  • Write about things that your audience likes and occasionally promote your own products.

8. Landing page and PPC ad copy should match one another

It’s quite usual to click a PPC (pay-per-click) ad and be instantly directed to a landing page that contains a completely different product. So you must never be ignorant of this aspect, and always ensure that your landing page copy and PPC ad are identical, or else such inconsistencies may hurt the conversion rates of your website.

If there’s a mention of a 20% discount, a special offer on your ad, or free shipping, customers will naturally click on the ad. If your landing page doesn’t contain the same offer as mentioned in your ad, this will lead your consumers to being disappointed.

The following are some pointers to ensure your ads and landing pages match with one another.

  • Check to see if you’re applying the correct link to the landing page in your PPC ad.
  • Never use a misleading headline in your ad. It’s pointless utilizing the words “discount” or “free” just to drive some traffic, if you’re not going to provide them. Not only will this send conversion rates in a downward spiral but also ruin your reputation.

9. Offer multiple payment options

A study conducted by the popular online payment system, Paypal, indicated that 24% of customers left their transactions at checkout because the retailers didn’t provide many payment methods to choose from.

Driving more traffic requires your business to satisfy different kinds of customers, with different expectations and different needs. Adopting multiple payment options ensures customer satisfaction.

10. Make the checkout process hassle-free

Let’s start with some interesting trivia; studies suggest that the need to create a new user account is the second biggest reason why consumers leave without placing an order.

If your website doesn’t provide guest checkout yet, it’s time you implement it. This will help with consumer engagement, whether they’re regular shoppers or first-time customers. Pushing consumers to create an account every time they place an order gives rise to friction.

Quick checkouts are one of simplest ways for existing customers to obtain the items they want to buy.

Below are several ways you can improve your checkout process: 

  • Provide options to your consumers. Let them decide how they want to browse through your website, be it as a guest, or as a regular user.
  • If they use the guest checkout method, offer them the choice to create an account after they have placed the order, on the confirmation or thank you page or even as part of a post-purchase email.
  • You can provide an option to remember payment details to encourage them to shop in future.

Following all these practices will surely get the conversion rates of your e-commerce website soaring. 

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