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Evolution in Mattress Technology Offer Better products for Comfort and Durability

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Sleep deprived people often face many kinds of health problems. This happens due to stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. There are many pills, meditation, exercises and food that help you in getting your life back to normal. However, another thing that plays an imperative role in proper sleep is your mattress. 

Earlier, people didn’t pay much attention to mattress as there was just one standard mattress with coil and foam available in every store. Pocket coils were covered with soft foam which made it firm and tight. With time and too much pressure these coils started making noise and bed took the shape of your body. This made it inconvenient for people to have proper sleep. Unknowing the fact, they blamed their health and stress in life for restless sleep. 

With new technology, different innovations are being made to bring out the best foam that can help your mattress to be comfortable. Every time manufacturers try something new to ensure that consumers are getting the best treatment. 

Sleep junkie is a website where you get reviews about all the latest mattresses that are introduced in the market. People often feel that some sites are biased but if you visit their site and click to read reviews about all brands, you would know they are very blunt with their feedback. They provide mattresses at best price which can be purchased by anyone. 

Foams are made of polyurethane nowadays, which is elastic and helps in stretching. This material is prepared from petroleum. They are traditional foams that are generally used in all mattresses. However, now as people are becoming more environmentally friendly they are insisting on using natural products. Hence, manufacturers have tried investing their entire production group in making foam that is natural and plant based. 

Here are list of some mattresses that are commonly used by consumers – 

  • Memory foam 
  • Latex foam
  • Hybrid foam

Memory foam 

It’s a regular and popular mattress that is available in most homes. The material used in it is synthetic because of which initially, there will be foul smell in it which will fade away with time. Consumers also complain that after few hours the mattress becomes hot. This is because synthetic material absorbs heat and doesn’t let fresh air passing through it. If you wish to purchase memory foam, try it from a renowned store that also provides you certification. 

Latex foam

Latex foam can be natural or artificial, depending upon the type of foam you select. Organic products like cotton or wool are used in natural latex mattress. They don’t make you feel hot when you lie on your bed. Price of your latex foam can differ depending upon the percentile of natural substance available in it. 

Hybrid foam

Hybrid mattress is made from thick gauge coil and best quality foam. This mattress is made to give people experience of both coil and foam. Hybrid mattress is a blend and innovation of the latest technology. Whatever be your sleeping posture, this mattress helps in providing the most comfortable way of relaxing.  

Hybrid mattresses are also smart mattresses that have the latest smart technology which helps in controlling temperature of your bed while you’re asleep. This means if you feel cold at night it can regulate the temperature and make it warm for you. There are also mattresses that control lights and other gadgets with a switch on bedside. 

VPF is a technique that doesn’t pollute environment. When the foam is compressed with this technology the air that comes out is purer than the air you breathe. Decide a mattress that satisfies your needs and doesn’t fascinate you.

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