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What are the Necessary Plugins for Enhancing Your WordPress Website?

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WordPress is an open source content management system which is used for creating websites and blogs. Although it offers a ton of features and flexibility, there is still some functionalities missing from the core software. The best way to enhance the platform is to use plugins. 

Enhancing your WordPress website performance is not an easy task. Fortunately, almost 40,000 options are available to choose from in the WordPress plugin directory. These plugins offer all kinds of customization options for a business owner. 

In this post, we will describe some essentials plugins which can enhance and make your website more attractive. 

Let’s have a look at these plugins

1. Sucuri Plugin: 

An important plugin which provides security for your WordPress websites. It protects your site from viruses, malware attacks, Trojan horse and other infected programs which can be harmful and decrease the speed of your website. If you are using any firewall on your website, then choose this plugin to secure it.

2. BackupBuddy: 

There can be no better security than having a reliable backup system. If you have your own website, then you cannot afford to lose your business data and customer data in case of hardware failure or any other system problem. To avoid this, use the BackupBuddy plugin. It allows you to backup your data on an ongoing basis.


Using this plugin, allows you to build online communities. It is compatible with all payment methods and works well with all the online stores.

4. Compact Archives:

This plugin displays all monthly archives in a compact block, allowing a user to easily check all the archives.

5. WP Mail SMTP: 

WordPress users may face hosting provider email delivery issues. To solve this problem, use the WP Mail SMTP plugin. It allows you to use a SMTP server to send your WordPress emails instead of using a PHP function. 

6. Disqus: 

Numerous visitors posting comments can cause your WordPress website to slow down. To resolve this problem, you can use Disqus, a third-party commenting system. 

7. Soliloquy:

The most responsive WordPress slider for improving the speed of your website. You can try the free version.

8. WinForms: 

This plugin allows you to create contact, email subscription, payment, and other types of online forms with just a click. It is a useful plugin for beginners.

9. Edit Flow: 

Edit Flow provides an efficient management system for WordPress users to see the editorial calendar, manage authors, assign posts, and much more. By using this plugin, you can create your own custom posts and plan your content strategy.

10. Term management Tools: 

Categories and tags play an important role in enhancing your website. By using the term management plugin, you can merge and edit categories and tags.

11. Table Press: 

To insert a table in your WordPress website, install the table press plugin. It allows you to create tables and add them to your posts and pages. It also allows you to export data from tables.

12. WordPress SEO: 

WordPress SEO is not just a plugin. It is a complete package for your website. It allows you to open graph metadata, page analysis views and to publish XML files. You can install it on your WordPress website with a single click. 

13. Floating Social bar: 

The best plugin to connect you with social media networks. It is highly optimized and increases the speed of your website as compared to other social media plugins which come with a lot of bloat.

14. Login Lockdown:

By using the Login Lockdown plugin, you can secure your site from hackers because it puts a limitation on how many times a user can try to log in. If the limit is exceeded, it completely locks down the admin area for a limited period of time. 

15. Outreach plus: 

Allows you to manage your email from the Outreach dashboard. 

16. Slack:

A team management tool used to communicate with team members in different time zones and locations. It is more convenient than email.  

17. SEMRush: 

With the help of the SEMRush plugin, you can find those keywords which your competitors are using. You can also check their paid keyword and organic traffic. In this way, you can enhance your content strategy.

18. CSS Hero: 

This plugin allows you to customize your WordPress themes without writing any code. For those who do not know CSS, this tool is very helpful since it can be used without knowing any programming language.

19. Beaver Builder:

Allows you to create your own page layouts by using a single interface. It has a powerful drag and drop tool.

20. Lead generation Plugin: 

Generating more leads has become the aim of all website owners and developers. A lead lead generation tool can help you grow your mail list and increase social media followers. For this, you can use thrive leads to grow your business. It enhances your website by adding useful pop-ups.

21. W3 Total Cache: 

Speed is one of the major factors to enhance your website. W3 Total Cache maximizes the speed of your website by serving compressed and cache files to your visitors, reducing server load and improving website loading times.


We hope this post helped you to learn about the essential WordPress plugins. All of the solutions mentioned above are essential and are necessary to enhance your website and make it more attractive.

To boost website performance, you need to implement some strategies by using these plugins for your WordPress websites. After that, you have a much higher chance of increasing your customer base.

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