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SEO Tips for Startup Companies in Competitive Industries

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Within the digital marketing world, search engine optimization (SEO) is a very familiar term.  A majority of businesses understand the importance of SEO.  However, not many really know how to use it effectively to their websites’ full advantage and may need assistance from an experienced SEO expert. In tech markets especially, it is essential to have high SEO rankings since your website has to compete against many others for online real estate and internet traction. You have to fight hard for users to notice you within the vast world of cyberspace.  

This becomes particularly challenging when you are a startup company trying to take on companies that have established online presences already.  It is a fiercely competitive market and there is an immense number of options that are available. It is critical to be relevant within         the search engine results pages.  Your ranking positions are determined by how effective your SEO strategy is. To maintain a competitive and strong edge within the digital tech world, integrate the following tips for your website to obtain more traffic and generate new leads for your business – no matter how new to the scene your tech startup company might be!

Create content around your keywords

Let’s begin with the basics (probably many of you are aware of them already).  There is SEO tracking software that is available that can examine any content that you publish online, and scan for keywords that are frequently used by users in their Google searches. The more keywords that it identifies – without being overused which is identified as spam by Google – the higher ranked your content will be in the search results for that specific keyword. What that means is that keywords are the very foundation of any effective SEO strategy, and it is imperative to use the right keywords. There is a precise science to selecting them, but it is a basic formula.  Go with keywords that are overlooked by your competitors, but that still provide high search volumes and relate closely to your services. Google AdWords is a useful keyword planning resource and tool that you can use.  

Publish content on a consist basis

The more frequently that you publish new content on your website, the higher your chances will be that you are recognized for your authoritative writing and information.  If you post regularly, you consistently will help to establish your website as being a credible resource which will help to strengthen your presence in the search engines. The easiest way to increase your content is to install a blog on your website and keep it updated weekly with engaging posts.  Write about subjects that relate to your industry – opinion pieces on ways that your readers can benefit from using your services, industry events, as well as market forecasts and trends. Remember to use your keywords in every post you publish and add a link to the landing page on your website.  

Optimize your website’s performance

Along with scanning the individual content pieces on your site, the search engine crawlers also make an assessment of the overall efficiency of your website. When determining your website’s rank on the search results pages, Google will make measurements of user experience including factors like readable formatting, pop-up management, mobile optimization, and loading speed. If those elements are not in good working order, this will impact your Google search engine positions. To make sure that the functionality of your website is aligned with SEO agency standards, it can be beneficial to frequently conduct a Site Performance Test.  The tool provides metrics and insight in real-time for you to be able to gauge how well your website is working, in both mobile and desktop configurations.

Use social media platforms 

After you have created a body of content around SEO-driven methods, it is time to ensure that your content is easy to share.  The most effective way to promote your content is to use social media since it has such a diverse and great reach potential. All type of demographics can be targeted and more traffic can be driven to your website since your social media followers and contacts will notice your shared posts in their newsfeeds, and then click over to your site or share your content.  Although it isn’t entirely clear if social media is tied directly to SEO ranking, it is true that social media is arguably the most accessible and efficient marketing tool that business can use in the online tech area.

Analyze all of your existing content

Another important step is creating an overview of all of your existing content – general copy pieces and blog posts that you have created in order to promote your company.  That will enable you to identify any gaps in your content or pieces of content that should be removed or updated.  Having an inventory of your content will enable you to organize all of your content on your website.  It will make it easier for you to have a content audit as part of your SEO efforts, and to examine how your content is currently performing and what you can do to improve it. Your content audit may be in spreadsheet form and list all of your published content with the following information: 

  • Page title
  • Page URL
  • Word count
  • Meta description
  • Type of content
  • Condition of content – re-used, out-of-date, off-topic, evergreen, etc.

If you haven’t written meta descriptions yet or set conditions for all of your pieces of content, then you can gradually fill these in, as you start to get your professional SEO expert  strategy better organized.  It can be quite useful to have everything on one spreadsheet for your reference.

Keyword research

After you have set your goals, it can be quite useful to see how your wider business can be helped by services from a SEO expert.  You can use keyword research to help you discover new opportunities for content, and improve the content you already have as well.  Focusing on the right content and right audience will help you better understand the content that your audience is more likely to enjoy. That is where keyword research can be very useful in providing you with new ideas and opportunities for content to get to the top of the search results. You can get started by compiling a list of keywords that you would ideally like to target. There will probably be many popular keywords on the list, meaning that as a new startup it will be difficult to get to the top spots in the search results.  Your next step is to conduct keyword research using a tool to find new keywords to target.  You might have more opportunities targeting long tail keywords to get higher search results rankings.  You can also do manual searches to check out the top pages on the keywords you would like to target.

If you are a new business owner and are looking for an effective search engine optimization strategy that will take your new business to the top, then you may want to consider reaching out to a Houston SEO expert. We guarantee a top 3 spot on the first page of Google.

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