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5 of the Best Web Hosting Companies that are Underrated

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Web hosting companies have been in the game for a couple of decades now, and they have developed quite a bit during this time. Some mainstream big names still float right at the top, but the sad part is that most of these big names are not in everyone’s reach. 

Other than that, sometimes people need a bit of a personal touch when they are doing business which more prominent mainstream names are unable to provide.

There was a time when good web hosting was all about what you can pay for, but now, more expensive does not necessarily mean better. To find the most compatible web hosting company you have to get in touch with the support staff, ask a lot of questions, read a ton of reviews, and then make a perfectly informed decision. 

We will be listing five of the best-underrated web hosting companies in the world these days, and they will be able to satisfy all your web hosting needs. Their names may not be heard of very far and wide, but they deliver a performance like any of the big guys: 


The very first underrated contender we will be discussing is HostPaPa. The company has been around for about 15 years now, and they run a very successful web hosting business even if many people have not heard of them. The main reason for their success is their dedication to their customers and their unique services. 

They offer low-cost solutions to small businesses primarily. They try to provide as many services as they can in the low cost, so they are not behind any top-notch services when it comes to quality.

They offer unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, a minimum of 100 GB disk space, access to CloudFare, Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and much more. They even offer online video training sessions with their expert developers. They have VPS systems and shared hosting to cater to a broad audience.

The only problem that we faced with HostPaPa is the lack of dedicated hosting and unavailability of backups, so we suggest you find alternative solutions to these issues. But other than that, HostPaPa is a phenomenal company to work with and pay.


Hostiserver is mainly a VPS hosting service for people who are in need of a low-cost yet powerful system for their businesses. Their primary server locations are in the USA and Europe. Perhaps the best feature of Hostiserver is that fact that they offer 24/7 customer support through phones, tickets, and chats. The support staff is full of professionals who are highly knowledgeable in the subject matter and will breeze you through the process.

Another excellent thing about HostiServer is all the free and cost-effective services that they offer. They offer free setup and installation of the whole system, free migration of your data from the previous system to the new VPS system, free monitoring of your actions and servers, and even free backups and CDN with their VPS servers. 

Their VPS system is quite speedy, and the speed can be enhanced more than the default if you ask their support staff to optimize your system to its maximum potential.

The main problem with Hostiserver is for people who don’t need a powerful VPS system. They do not offer shared hosting so people with smaller needs should look towards another option. Other than that, Hostiserver also offers a very basic Dashboard, so people who are in need of extra features need an alternative plan.


Another highly coveted yet somewhat underrated web hosting company is HostGator. They are a very successful business but mostly keep their success under wraps. We say it’s one of the best because it is everything your average website builder is looking for: An economical solution, an extensive range of web hosting services, and a support staff that is available 24/7.

People can cancel their monthly plans at HostGator without penalties and added charges. Other than that, there is a 45-day money-back guarantee as well for everyone who is left unsatisfied with their services.

They also offer video tutorials for people who are setting up their system for the first time. The support staff is highly professional and friendly as well. 

They offer VPS hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting as well in a variety of different packages to suit everyone’s needs.


iPage is another underrated company that offers amazing services to all its customers. It is a rapid and easy solution for your web hosting needs. They are an underrated company and provide the best, simple services with cost-effective solutions and excellent customer support. You get a free domain name, thousands of free templates, a free website builder, a free email address, and even free marketing tools. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for those of you who are left unsatisfied with their services. 


GetLark is a highly affordable service that offers excellent facilities as well. They start you off with a 14-day free trial and then go with a very inexpensive monthly package. 

GetLark offers services that are best for people with simple needs like free SSL certificates, automatic data backup, and, auto-installation of over a hundred different applications including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. 

Their servers are in the USA and Netherlands.

The customer support that they offer is one of their best selling points because the staff is available 24/7 and is super-friendly to all customers.

I hope this article helps you out. Have a wonderful day everyone! 

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