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5 Fresh Strategies to Attract Top Tech Talent

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It is no secret that IT specialists are in high demand nowadays. From healthcare to manufacturing, industries are subjected to major IT transformations. As a result, the need for tech experts is far larger than the available quantity of specialists in the market. Considering these and other factors, companies need to find new creative methods for hiring skilled dedicated developers. 

1. Reach target candidates via alternative channels

The first thing you should consider doing is posting job offers on non-usual platforms which are visited by your target audience. This allows to actually grab attention of potential employees and make them feel interested. Moreover, in such way you can reach to passive candidates who don’t surf on traditional hiring websites like Toptal or Upwork.

In fact, many companies already use Snapchat for clever promotion & recruiting. By posting employee-generated content on the agency’s channel, they offer an inside look at their company’s life. In this way,  potential candidates feel involved and willing to learn more. In fact, it only requires them to swipe up in order to apply.

Another useful feature is geofilter. It allows agencies to target a specific group of people located in San Francisco, Silicon Valley or any other region.  

So, find out where your targets hang out by doing market research. Then, you can use these platforms as powerful tools for recruiting.

2. Take advantage of remote recruiting

Simply by choosing a remote hiring option, you can greatly expand your research area. In this way, companies literally get access to the best tech talents in the world, since it erases any geographical boundaries. Additionally, remote collaboration tends to be more productive than building an in-house team. 

Contrary to popular myth, remote hiring is a risk-free process, and it’s getting more popular every day. The offshore software development company takes care of searching, hiring and maintaining your IT professionals. You can benefit from a secure & hassle-free collaboration with tech experts, selected to your requirements. 

Furthermore, you achieve a ready-to-work team much faster than if you were recruiting in-house. 

3. Run & visit tech events

Online networking events or real-life meetups are a great opportunity to access a wide variety of decent tech candidates. You can connect with talented tech minds who are naturally interested in what they do. Moreover, organising a meetup or a conference is a good way to present your company & make it easy to remember. Host events, integrate with the community and build your brand. Remember, word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful ways to promote a company or a service. 

4. Offer unique benefits & perks

One of the most effective & simple ways to attract skilled tech minds, is by offering them what they need. Usually IT professionals are looking for  more than just a job. According to a research report, the key work values for software engineers are:  a good work-life balance, high quality code base and the possibility to work remotely. To hire Ruby developers or any other type of specialists, first study their requirements & values. Provide a challenge that will excite even experienced IT specialists.  

Moreover, in today’s competitive environment, a company has to stand out from the crowd. Think of what distinguishes you from others, and what nobody else can offer. Maybe you’re creating an innovative software solution that will change the travel industry. Real tech experts like to feel a part of something huge & innovative, so provide them with this feeling.

5. Use interactive job postings.

To catch a candidate’s attention, a job posting should include more than a simple description of responsibilities & duties. Add a gamified questionnaire, a small contest or other interactive elements to your offering. Provide a general picture of your company’s culture by adding visuals, such as images & videos. Also, include the testimonials of your current employees. All in all, distinguish your job posting from all the others available on the Internet. 

The main goal of all these strategies is to attract the best tech minds and make them join you. In fact, fruitful collaboration with professionals can be achieved quite quickly & easily – with a properly applied set of actions.

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