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What to Expect as the Best PC Set Up in the Future

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Computers have been a part of our life and it has come to a point where most of us really need them for work or personal use. We take a look into the best PC set up in the future.

There was a time when personal computers consisted of heavy monitors and a large beige box. Technology has been evolving at a fast pace which led to laptops being invented which changed the landscape of computing. Now we have gadgets and mobile devices that are as powerful as desktop computers. Things are getting smaller and more powerful when it comes to technology upgrades and these major changes have no signs of stopping any time soon.

Almost fifty years ago, computer scientist Doug Engelbart showed off a number of amazing technologies that included the computer mouse, hypertext, video conferencing, graphical user interface and more.

Fifty years later, we are still using a lot of computer tech that Engelbart pioneered but things are starting to change. Here are some of the things that we can expect as part of the future of computer technology.

Voice control was limited a few years back, but we can see that things are starting to speed up in this area of computing. 

Using this feature was limited to those who have impaired vision and it was able to get the job done. It was helpful in transcribing the text and for giving access to those who wanted to speak to their computers rather than type.

Fast forward to today, and voice control has improved by leaps and bounds. This is due to the advancement in Artificial intelligence. There are also smart speakers that can not only understand what we are saying but can make sense of it too. Google Home and Amazon Echo are just some examples that are now available in the market. 

Using voice control can make our interactions with our computers more efficient. Imagine not having to physically tap on something in order to use a computer function. This will also make computing simpler and easier for those who are not that adept with using computers like the elderly. Simple words can now take the place of complicated steps whenever a machine needs to perform a task. 

Another great technology that we can expect is emotion tracking. Imagine having your computer being able to predict what you plan to do even before you ask. Emotion-sensing can be a big help by giving users relevant recommendations based on how you are feeling at that moment.

Computers will soon analyze your mood based on how you type and give you the apps that you need in order to do your work better and more efficiently. Emotion tracking can make this all possible.

Gestural sensing is also on the horizon of how we can use our computers. Gestures are now being used to control our mobile devices so we can expect the same tech to be in our PC as well.

Image recognition software can be used for computers to become more familiar with our hand and body motions even when not physically present in front of the screen.  

Pre-touch technology is now being researched by smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung. The idea is to be able to access your device without having to touch your screen. The Air Gesture tech from Samsung is one of the steps going in this direction.

Your fingers are tracked as they hover above the display and then allow interaction with your device without physical contact.

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