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Eye Tracking Technology and Its Application

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Eye tracking is a leading-edge technology which has been at the forefront of IT research for many years. The aim is to be in a position to restrain the functions of a thing, whether a mobile or a computer, by tracking the movement of the eyeballs. It has various applications in several areas and this is the basis it has quickly become widespread in business, scientific and medical fields. Intense competition exists among several technology giants to take hold of this invention before others.

Eye Tracking Tech Defined

Eye-tracking tech is a groundbreaking modern way to control brainwaves & people’s responses in a given number of situations. The method involves the utilization of a tool for estimating eye movements and positions which are then analyzed through computer applications. 

Future of Eye Tracking Tech

In the near future, we may see expansions in applications for video eye tracking. It can be very useful for security purposes. You might soon be able to hook up an eye-tracking security system in your home or see it being used in airport security. You might also be able to use it in other capacities in your home. The technology might even go as far as to allow you to get psychiatric analysis through your internet connection or participate in market research that is in-depth and convenient for everyone.

Present Application of Eye-tracking technology 

Eye-tracking tech is gradually changing. In its early days, the technology wasn’t very reliable and the tracking systems weren’t advanced enough to get the conclusive research desired. But as our society enjoys a technological boom, the eye tracking industry is benefiting. Every day, new eye-tracking equipment and evaluation software are emerging, giving more and more people access to this exciting technology. It has many future uses as well, such as lie detection applications and even personal use systems.


Marketing professionals believe that consumers when viewing advertisements concentrate on the essential elements of the advertisements that they find appealing and interesting. Researchers from various areas are working together on eye-tracking technology to determine which parameters govern an individual’s behaviour and to discover these key determinants. Eye-tracking tech is of special interest to advertisement agencies because it will enable them to deliver a targeted advertisement to the viewer which will ultimately increase their revenues and profits.

E-Reading/Training/Domestic Uses

The latest smartphones have Eye Tracking technology that allows users to use their phones with the motion of their eyes which is especially helpful for e-readers. This technology is also being used for training purposes like 3D real-life simulations on how to pilot an aeroplane and drive a car. Military instructors utilize this technology to evaluate the skills & decisive capabilities of cadets in various battleground scenarios. Regarding driver safety concerns, this technology will be utilized in vehicles to immediately inform drivers when their eyes stray off the road. Domestically, eye tracking tech may be utilized to control TV’s, air-conditioners & other home electronics.

Medical Field

Recent technology reports have shown Eye Tracking tech to be useful in analyzing several medical conditions & their influence on human beings. The rotational patterns and movements of the eyeballs are distinctive for every age group & present distinguishing reactions to related situations. Studies are being carried out on how different visual behaviours affect the growth of newborn babies as they learn through their observation of the things happening around them. Research has been conducted on whether Eye Tracking can be useful for identifying different neurological conditions like autism, brain haemorrhage, trauma, nervous breakdown, etc. This technology also enables disabled persons to perform activities like speaking, sending emails, browsing the internet etc. by just using their eyes.


Eye tracking is unquestionably not a magic bullet. However, it does function as both a magnificent piece of eye candy for executives short on time and is influential in various other areas. For more information, feel free to visit

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