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Courier Vs. Regular Post – Which Is Better For Your Business?

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Couriers and regular post both have their benefits, but as a business owner, you tend to choose one and stick to it. Do you want something a little slower, a little less reliable, but cheaper, or do you want to pay more for reliability and expediency? It’s a tough question, but luckily there are some workarounds that get you the best of both worlds. 

This post will explore both options – regular post and couriers – and attempt to compare and contrast the two. It will also touch briefly on the concept of a “courier broker”, a company that negotiates lower prices for couriers.

Regular Post

The Regular Post has a long history in Canada dating back to the 1800s, and have been a serviceable (if sometimes reliable) presence in the national shipment game ever since. They are great for sending letters and some packages, as their prices are low and affordable, but the low cost is a trade off in speed and dependability of delivery on time. They also can deliver to remote and rural areas where some couriers don’t. 

Check your priorities about your package before choosing regular post. The regular post has offices all over Canada, making it easy and convenient to find one nearby, and they also offer the convenience of delivery to a P.O. Box. But there is no pick up at your door service with the Regular Post; you must pack it up and take it to them for delivery. 

If you’re mailing a letter or Christmas card, the Regular Post is a low cost and perfectly serviceable way to go. If you have several large packages that need reliable international shipping services to arrive by a certain time and day, then couriers are better because they are more dependable, especially given the recent rotating strike by the post.


Couriers are faster and more reliable, but they often come at a higher price tag. The way around that price tag, for online businesses, is choosing a courier broker. Because there is so much competition in the courier shipping industry, and because grouping together shipments reduces the price, a broker is able to negotiate discounted rates 

You get to choose which courier company you want to use and which services they offer that suit your needs. Because of the couriers’ streamlining processes, urgent and essential packages are delivered quickly and on time. You can even track your packages online to see where they are at and arrival time and date with a tracking number they provide to you, a key selling point for prospective customers.

The ongoing contest between Courier and Regular Post will continue as long as companies keep standing out and showing their innovative strengths. They are both attractive in their own different ways, and ultimately it will be your business’ priorities that dictate your choice. A courier broker, however, can ease the process of choosing by giving you access to big discounts online for courier companies, allowing you to take advantage both of low prices and better reliability.

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