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5 Great Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

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With over 800 million users total and over 500 million daily active users, Instagram has been able to rouse some strong vibes on the internet. Recently, Instagram Stories has pushed the social network beyond just posting photos and videos; businesses are now utilizing Instagram Stories to advertise and promote their products or services.

Among other online marketing tools, Instagram Stories stands out. Not only because it gives more visibility to businesses, but also because it allows businesses to showcase their products, broadcast live seminars, attract new customers, and ultimately increase their product sales.

However, some business owners still aren’t taking part in this great opportunity. There are things that successful businesses who use Instagram Stories know that others don’t. But the following points will help you discover great ways to use Instagram Stories to promote your business.

Condense Your Content into Infographics

Since you’re involved in online business or marketing, you must be churning out some great content. Sometimes it appears on your blog, or you fine-tune it into emails to send to your subscribers. It’s great. You’ve been doing well.

But know this, it’s not all about blogs and emails—social networks do the trick too. And Instagram Stories is a powerful tool you can use to attract more followers and build a great audience.

How do you use Instagram Stories to promote your content? First, break down your content into small articles. Use design software to create a series of captivating images that portray your message (i.e., infographics). Don’t forget, make the first image attractive, and let your last image be a call to action—end the infographics in such a way that they illustrate what your readers should do next.

Learning to craft social media content may seem like a big deal, but thanks to comprehensive Instagram insights and stats, it might become an easier task.

Demonstrate Your Products in Action

Promoting your products has become easier with Instagram Stories. Let’s say you’re in the restaurant industry. You can actually create short videos that show you preparing the cuisine. Show your audience how to blend the recipes together right up until it becomes the finished product.

That’s not all. You could create a video that shows customers eating the meal and their reactions. This lets you show how your customers respond to your food in action, going all the way from its preparation to the consumers’ hands. 

This also allows viewers to see how hard you work, alongside the result of your energy and creativity. Don’t be surprised if they start requesting your recipes, tutorials, or even the meal itself.

Regardless of your industry, Instagram Stories is a brilliant way to reveal your product in action.

Infuse Links into Your Instagram Stories

Successful businesses practice this trick. They know the strategic times to give out promotional offers and discounts in order to boost sales. Instagram Stories has actually made this idea very easy and efficient. 

But how do you also use this trick? Just like the infographics mentioned earlier, you can create exquisite photos and videos where you showcase your products. You could even consider comparing two or more products, demonstrating the advantages of one over the other.

Now, the trick is this: give discounts and offers on your products within a particular time range. Share these offers in the photos and videos, and in between your Instagram Stories, you should naturally infuse the page with links that tell more about your offers, not to mention the page where buyers can check out the product.

Display Customer Reviews

One good turn deserves another. If your customers find your products as satisfying as they hoped, it’ll be easy for them to give you good reviews and ratings when you approach them. Now, you can use Instagram Stories to embellish those quality reviews and high ratings by coalescing them into attractive images and well-edited videos.

In fact, you could even get a customer to go live, displaying how your product has helped them. For instance, if you’re into beauty and fashion, it would be highly effective for a customer to show their look before using your product and then after.

This is a great way to use Instagram Stories to catch the attention of potential customers. After all, they are more likely to patronize your business if they see someone trustworthy who speaks well of your product.

Promote an Event or Seminar

Teaching people can be a great way for you to attract more customers or simply earn more profit. People will pay for great tutorials if you have something interesting to teach them. 

Going back to the previous example of the food industry, suppose several people have been reaching out to you to learn how you prepare your recipes, and they’re willing to pay well for a lesson. Organize a tutorial for that particular dish.

Now, let’s say a hundred people have reached out to you. Promoting that seminar via Instagram Stories can boost the number of attendees into the thousands, seriously increasing its earnings.

So how do you do this? Create exquisite photos showing the halls where the event will take place and videos demonstrating what to expect from the event, how you plan to make it interesting, and the things people will learn. It’ll bring in more followers, so even more people will subscribe to your seminar.


You can see that Instagram Stories has a lot to offer. It gives you a fresh way to gather more followers, customers, and build a larger audience. This is the big secret that successful businesses who use instagram Stories know, which sets them apart.

Businesses have been seeing great success from these little tricks. In fact, evaluations and analysis carried out revealed several successful online marketing firms who use tactics like these. But now that you’ve been informed too, by following these hints you can also catapult your business into greatness.

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