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How to Choose the Best Advertising Network?

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Once you felt it is the high time to promote your business you start thinking about the best advertising network for it. 

Advertising network – it is a place where publishers and advertisers meet each other, the latter ones want to give advertisements, while the former are ready to post them. Ad networks cooperate with the websites having free space and wishing to earn some money from renting, and advertisers who will pay rent for the space they will use.

How to choose the best network?

There are hundreds of playgrounds one may use, they offer certain advantages and disadvantages. But before leaning toward a certain network, you should frankly ask several questions to make a final decision.

What is your strategy?

You should understand what you exactly want (your goals, amount of audience to cover) and how much you are ready to spend for it. After answering this question some platforms can be skipped.

Did you study the environment?

Right estimation of your performance can be calculated by such notions like pricing models, ways of targeting, ad formats etc. Study them to choose better options for your business.

Which kind of network will fit my aims?

Some platforms cover a wide range of categories and some work with a niche audience. What your product is suitable for?

Which pricing model will suit you?

You can pay for thousands of impressions (CPM), clicks (CPC) or for desirable actions (CPA) and many others. 

Do you need any help?

There are self-serve platforms or networks with a support team. Make sure the people helping you have the same perception of your company as you do.

What kind of reports are they ready to give?

The more tools you have to make business decisions, the better. Companies with bigger amounts of tools and not so high reputation can offer lower prices.

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