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When to Use Embroidery Techniques for Custom Apparel

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Bringing custom apparel into your organization is a great way to unite your team and create a truly professional look. For sporting clubs, summer camps, schools, universities, and businesses, custom apparel can meet a variety of needs and help you establish and build your brand. There are two popular methods of customizing your clothing and you can get them both done at R&P Prints — screen printing and embroidery techniques.

What Can You Customize?

You can get custom t shirts in Toronto as well as custom hoodies, hats, sweaters, activewear, tote bags, and gym bags using embroidery or screen printing. There are some major differences between screen printing and embroidery: screen printing, for one, is good for large, intricate designs that use lots of colour and have lots of detail. 

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery, on the other hand, tends to have a more elegant look because of the distinct threaded look that makes for strong lines and clear lettering. It’s better suited for smaller logos or certain fabrics that don’t do well with screen printing. Here’s a short guide to follow when thinking about using embroidery to make customized apparel and accessories as well as some examples of products you can make.

Custom Bags

Maybe your company or team wants to have matching, high-quality bags that look good. You can customize wheeled rig bags, duffel bags, rucksacks, cinch packs, messenger bags, and more to reflect your company’s brand and image. And it’s proven that this customization technique pays off: uniforms and a sense of visual identity for employees grows solidarity between co-workers and teammates. 

On top of that, garments and accessories that work as uniforms contribute to a feeling of professionalism that improves performance. When making customized bags for your organization or even for a sporting league, you can place your order knowing that the final result will make all of the people who receive a customized bag feel important, valued, and part of a team. 

Accessories & More

You can customize baseball hats to reflect your company logo or to showcase a funny catch phrase or slogan to commemorate a special event like a family reunion or anniversary. Embroidery is the go-to customization option for baseball hats, for instance, because it’s a very sturdy customization style that can resist the elements. Baseball hats and winter hats are exposed to plenty of nasty weather like rain, cold, and snow — they need to be able to keep their integrity and screen-printed items tend to fade with that kind of exposure. 

Looking Good

Use embroidery for a polished, clean, and professional look when what you’re putting onto a garment, bag, or accessory doesn’t require incredible detail or a wide range of colours. For garments like activewear and outerwear, embroidery is the right choice because of its durability. You’ll be pleased with the professional look and the positive impact the items will have on everyone who wears the garments.

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