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Is Dutch website translation enough or extra SEO services are needed for business expansion?

Although business is always risky, the expansion of that business can be more hazardous. It is the thing that can make or break your company’s future. Expanding your business to a new market requires some (or a lot, depending on the company) investment and if you don’t double that investment quickly than you probably did something wrong. Maybe you didn’t pay attention to the advertising campaign, or perhaps you didn’t offer enough discounts. There are so many ways a business expansion plan can go wrong. To prevent that from happening, you must know everything about how businesses succeed in new markets. 

What is SEO?

Most people can tell you that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but if you ask them to explain the term, they will go blank. SEO is the key to success for both big and small businesses, but some companies underestimate the importance of SEO. They don’t invest enough resources for SEO research, and that causes the failure of their business venture. 

SEO is a process in which your website and the content posted on it is changed in a way to make your site look nice and attractive to the search engines. When your website is Search Engine Optimized, it will have a good ranking on search engines and can even appear on the first page of a search. 

Keywords play an important role in SEO. They increase the chances of your website to appear in search results. Some businesses hire people to do keyword research for them so they can find and incorporate the right keywords in their content. But SEO is not limited to keywords; it goes beyond that. It also includes the website’s design which can attract visitors and turn them into customers. 

How Does SEO Work for Businesses?

Businesses want to be on the top page of Google. Some businesses pay to advertise on the top page of search engines while others turn toward SEO. SEO is a lot better than paid advertising. It not only helps with the ranking but also increases visits to the website. If a website has Search Engine Optimized content and layout, it will attract more people and help the business become successful. 

Dutch Translation for Business Websites: 

Whether you have a website with international shipping or a website specifically for your Dutch clientele, a Dutch translation of that website will help your business reach a wider audience easily. Although English can make your website understandable for a lot of people, a Dutch translation will show your Dutch customers that you care about their language and are willing to make the necessary changes for them.

Dutch Website Translation vs. SEO:

You will need a translation of your website when you decide to expand your business to another country. If you include the Netherlands to the area of your business, then you will need an English to Dutch Translation of your website. This translation will help the Dutch navigate your website and learn more about your products and services. But is Dutch translation of your website enough? The answer is simply no. You will need extra SEO services to make your website more easily available to potential customers. Dutch translation will make your website understandable for the people of the Netherlands, but it is SEO that will bring those people to your website in the first place. SEO is necessary to get your website place higher on result pages, and if your website keeps appearing on top pages, the chances of people clicking it will increase. 

So if you are expanding your business to the Netherlands, it is good to get both a Dutch translation and SEO services for your website to get the most out of it.

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