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Are Higher Translation Rates Per Word An Indication Of Better Quality?

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Does quality come with a price tag?

From leather jackets to designer shoes, quality assurance is something no one want to compromise on. In our minds, we all know that nothing extraordinary is cheap. But when we talk about translation services, translation rates are always a matter of concern. Most companies offer translation rates per word, and while looking for the translation rates online, you might see a difference in pricing. Here, the real problem begins because you start wondering, are higher translation rates per word an indication of better quality?

This is where you have to think rationally and systematically. 

Why Most Companies Offer Translation Rates Per Word Pricing 

Before assessing anything else, you must understand why translation companies use this method of pricing. As a customer first approach, companies tend to provide customers the convenience of calculating the cost of their translation project. They just put the number of the words required to be translated in the word counter tool and they get the price.
Another reason why companies prefer per word rate is that the translators put their time and effort into the project and it is only fair to offer the same price to all translators for a particular language. 

Companies also use this method to ensure transparency both for the customers and the translators. In this way, customers can’t blame the company for charging extra. 

Quality vs Quantity 

The hot debate of quality Vs quantity has been ongoing since the inception of consumer services. The same reason why you hesitate to choice over lower translation rates per word and higher translation rates per word. Comparing prices online is by far the most effective way of shopping online. But does this apply to translation pricing too?


It isn’t fair to compare apples with oranges. Likewise, comparing a translation service means comparing their expertise as well. Experience is one fundamental factor in ensuring quality and if a company has more experience, it is certainly the one you must go with.
Different types of translations require different types of translators. You can’t ask a chef to build a home, and a legal translator is the only person that can provide legal translation services. Therefore, expertise or in the translation world, diverse expertise is the only condition that can confirm quality. 

Customer Feedback

Perhaps the best thing that internet has given us is the ability to leave a feedback on the products and services that we have purchased or used. The reviews, testimonials and feedback can really give you a clear picture of what the company has been providing and what it is capable of.

Fast Service

Times of urgency don’t knock on your door before blasting their way in. You might require a translation service at the eleventh hour. If a company is offering 24 hours express delivery, it’s the one you should opt for. In immigration or legal translations, you can’t wait for the translation company to take a week or so as they must be submitted in time. This is why knowing that a company has your back is far more important than pricing.

The Last Word

After analyzing all the above mentioned factors, you can check out for the translation rates per word for various companies. The above aspects are better determinants of quality than rates. And we would suggest you to go with a company that offers expertise, diversity, quick turnaround and a 24/7 customer support at the lowest price. After all, it’s your precious money that you are going to spend and it’s your right to acquire quality at the best possible price.

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