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Hobbies Involving Technology and Machinery

What we do in our spare time says a lot about who we are and our interests. Having a hobby is a great way to build knowledge while doing something enjoyable. Hobbies help build confidence. The knowledge we gain from our hobbies gives us a topic in conversation and makes us more social. Some people do not currently have a hobby and are looking to start one. Here are a few hobbies involving tech and machinery for these people to consider.

Working on Cars

Working on cars is a classic way to have a hobby. We all know someone who enjoys going in the garage and wrenching on a vehicle. A great way to start is to invest in a project car. Purchase a car that is inexpensive, and work on that car. If the car does not run, even better. There will be so much satisfaction gained from making this car run. Further upgrading it with new brakes, cold air intake system, exhaust manifold, and so on will be both a hobby and a learning experience. Imagine the satisfaction of showing friends and family what you have accomplished with this vehicle, followed by the fun of driving it around town.


This is a more modern hobby to have. Cryptocurrency refers to several different types of virtual currency. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Zcash are examples of the various cryptocurrencies available to consumers. Having a hobby in cryptocurrency means investing in this virtual money. Many people find it enjoyable to invest in the currency and watch their investment rise. It is much like the stock market in this sense. The value of the currency changes daily. Someone who invests will make a habit of checking the values to know what their investment is worth. Of course, with opportunity comes risk. There is the risk that the investor could lose the money they have invested in cryptocurrency. This hobby is for someone who weighs risk and opportunity and decides on the opportunity.


Photography is a great way to spend spare time. We all have pictures that decorate our home. Imagine those pictures being something created by you. That would really make the art in the home something to talk about. The nice thing about photography is it can be done anywhere. In the home, in the yard, on vacation. All you have to do is pack the camera and your hobby goes with you. In fact, modern smartphones include built-in cameras capable of capturing high-quality images, so consider starting with your iPhone and toggling the manual settings for a custom look. There is also a lot to learn about photography. Taking classes to learn more about this hobby would also be a good way to spend free time.

Fantasy Sports Leagues

These are leagues that can be started with friends during a particular sports season. There are fantasy leagues out there for baseball, American football, soccer, basketball and more. During the season you and your friends would create a league, and on game days you would play another person in the league. These are fun because you get to create your own fantasy team. Everyone gets to create their fantasy team at the beginning of the season. During the season there is trading that can happen if both parties agree on the trade. On game days you watch to see how your team does. This is based on the actual stats of the live players. This is the perfect hobby for sports lovers. If you plan to watch the games anyways, this would be a fun hobby for you. Start a league with your friends and play each other while watching live games.

Everyone should have a hobby that they enjoy doing. Hobbies build confidence and make us more social. There are plenty of hobbies out there, these are just a few great options.

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